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The Greatest Century of Missions is an important tool and handbook for modern churches and evangelical missions. I believe it should be part of every Christian school and college’s curriculum. The book brings light to an important part of Church history and reminds us to keep on building, to fight the good fight of faith and to persevere against every obstacle. It is also a reminder that God used ordinary men and women to change the course of history and nations. The Greatest Century of Missions makes us realize that the Church cannot hide from socio and political issues. Instead it should be the front runner of a nation’s future and decision-making.

The Greatest Century of Missions shows us that The Great Commission is not a thing of the past but is for all times. We can never slack and rest because the work is too vast and too great. God demands it from ordinary people from all walks of life.

Dr Peter Hammond has done excellent work in capturing history and times that the Church can use as building blocks in evangelizing the nations and people.

Felicia Antha

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