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Testimonies from previous participants:


Putting Feet to My Faith
“The Great Commission Camp and Course is an intensive, hands on, boots-on-the-ground experience. The most life-changing experience on the Course was getting onto the streets and doing one-on-one evangelism. No conversation, or encounter, was the same. During the outreaches on the Course, I would walk up to someone who was walking down the sidewalk, and offer them a tract. Most people I encountered would take the tract, which would then spark a conversation. One conversation that was great to have was about evolution. When I asked one man: “What do you think the most popular fairy tale is?” he said he didn’t know. The answer is evolution. He started to get upset over that answer, but I directed conversation towards the Gospel. As I continued to explain, I could see how he was starting to re-evaluate his beliefs. After three weeks of intensive lectures and regular practicals, the real challenge for me was to GO out and continue to put feet to my Faith. The GCC helped to put doctrinal steel in my back bone and Holy Spirit fire in my heart for the Gospel.” Joseph Cave, Iowa, USA, now serving on the Missionary Training Programme with Frontline Fellowship in Cape Town.

An Incredible Adventure
“The GCC was the beginning of an incredible journey for me. Early in 2015 I decided to get involved in Missions full-time, but I had very limited knowledge of missions. When I heard of the Great Commission Course, it came as a gift from Heaven for me to learn about the Great Commission, the hardships of missions, how to prepare for them and how to conduct them. It was wonderful to meet people who are like-minded and enthusiastic and it was such a privilege to learn from experienced Missionaries. The harvest is great, the challenges may seem overwhelming and sharing your Faith with a stranger is terrifying at first. The Great Commission Course helps those who are serious about Christ's Last Command to be prepared and equipped. The GCC challenges you spiritually, physically and mentally and so prepares you to take the Gospel across the globe.” Francis Momberg, now serving on the Missionary Training Programme with Frontline Fellowship in Cape Town.

Courage and Boldness to Impact My Community
“Probably the single greatest impact of the GCC on my life, was that it lit a fire of holy zeal to pray for Revival for our church, community and country. This fire is not only for praying for Revival but also for living a life of daily personal Revival amongst a watching world. It is about being a fountain of God’s love in a world of drains. Before the Course, I had a general regard for people but not really a driving zeal to tell them about Christ. In the Course, I learned how to truly love and have compassion for even strangers. It has given me much greater courage and boldness to seek and save the lost. I have had the opportunity to share the love of the Lord with a lesbian in our town square. She doesn’t have any direction in her life, other than to run from hostility. I was able to tell her that the life of Christ in the soul of man gives us a new outlook, that God living in us will change our desires, and even our identity. I am able to see these people regularly and converse with them more. It has also impacted the place where I work. Every time we meet people it is an opportunity to pray for them and their needs. I cannot recommend the GCC enough.” Trey Schultz, Tennesse, USA

Equipped and Empowered for Evangelism
"The GCC has impacted my life tremendously! The Lord used the GCC to help me to share the Gospel with people I meet in everyday situations. I have made friends with many of the cashier women at
Lindsay FFour local Walmart and other shopping venues. I see some of them often and have been able to build a relationship by asking them questions about their personal lives and by offering to pray for them. I now desire to reach out to the people I meet every day, as God is in control of the people He brings across our paths. I now feel equipped and am looking for open doors, or conversation starters. I did not feel prepared for such conversations before attending the GCC. After coming home from the GCC, I prayed that the Lord would bring me someone to personally disciple.  And He did!  It has been one if the greatest blessings of my life.  It has stretched me, drawn me closer to the Lord, and greatly increased my own prayer life.  
“Hearing Al Baker’s teaching has GREATLY impacted me and my family’s life. His series on Revival have been so personally convicting and just what I needed to hear. My country (America) desperately needs Revival. Mr. Baker’s teaching reminded me how I need to stop focusing so much that America will humble herself, but that I need to personally humble myself before the Lord first. My brother and I have shared his sermons with many people here in America.

“From what I understand, Frontline does not cover all their costs from hosting the GCC. The Missionaries and staff of Frontline Fellowship give their ALL, with no personal gain, going the extra mile, to train other people to practically live boldly and courageously for our Lord Who gave His all for us." Lindsay Schultz, Tennesse, USA

Out of My Comfort Zone
“I came to the Great Commission Course to get out of my comfort zone and to learn about Missions in Africa. God really solidified my desire to be involved in Missions. I learnt about the challenges of Missions and saw how far I could push myself. It was an amazing three weeks. Thank you for putting up with this crazy American!” Rachel Clifford, USA, now married to Frontline Fellowship Missionary John Clifford



30 December 2016 - 4 January 2017

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Do you want to learn how to share your Faith effectively?

If so, then join us for an Evangelism and Discipleship ‘boot camp’ at a forest campsite by a lake, in the mountains, near Grabouw. The theme of The Great Commission Camp is Let the Earth Hear His Voice.

International Participation
Participants of previous Great Commission Camps have come from as afar afield as Australia and America, New Zealand and Nigeria, Ghana and Germany, Congo and Canada, Sudan and South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Russia and Rwanda, Malawi and Mozambique, Uganda and England.

Join other Christians who are dedicated to making Christ's Great Commission our supreme ambition - at the foot of Africa in Cape Town. A uniquely practical camp for all those who desire to be more innovative and effective in cross-cultural Evangelism and Discipleship. The last Command of Jesus ought to be our first concern.

"Expect great things from God! Attempt great things for God!" William Carey

Experience the Joy of Leading Others to Christ
Does the thought of sharing the Gospel, especially with skeptics, terrify you? Then this camp is for you! Sharing your Faith does not need to be a terrifying experience – it can be God-glorifying and fun!

We teach simple, but effective, Evangelism methods, developed by Evangelism Explosion and Way of the Master that uses the Ten Commandments to bring conviction of sin and show people their need for Repentance and Faith in Christ. The camp will also cover numerous effective field-tested “Answers for Skeptics”. We’ll be putting feet to our Faith, with outreaches in the area.

In the Frontline of Missions
Frontline Fellowship has pioneered missionary work in war-torn Mozambique and Angola in the 1980's and in Islamic Sudan since 1995. Frontline Fellowship smuggled over 500 000 Bibles and Christian books in 24 languages into Sudan, and has trained many thousands of pastors, teachers, chaplains and medics in restricted access areas, such as the Nuba mountains.

The Great Commission Camp has been designed by Frontline Fellowship as a uniquely practical camp for all those who desire to be more innovative and effective in Evangelism and Discipleship.

If you want to see behind the scenes of what is actually involved in cross-cultural missionary work, particularly in areas where Christians are persecuted for their Faith, then the GCC is for you.

The Great Commission Course starts on Friday, 30 December 2016 with the Great Commission Camp. It will then be followed up by an intensive three-week training course with daily outreaches and practicals, hands-on ministry in townships, taxi ranks, shopping centres and railway stations, etc. Those who are serious about Missions, are invited to apply for the full three-week course.

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At the GCC, you will enjoy fellowship with other missionary-minded Christians and receive first-hand report backs, with slide presentations, films and Power Points, from Europe, Egypt, Nigeria, Sudan, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Angola, Congo, Rwanda and Mozambique.In addition, there will be great Bible teaching, challenging discussion groups, practical workshops, hikes, outreaches and problem solving, team building practicals.

"And Jesus came and spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been given to Me in Heaven and on earth. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you, and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.’" Matthew 28:18-20

Is the Great Commission your supreme ambition?

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