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Frew Family Mission - April 2014

We ministered in a small town surrounded by picturesque mountains on the KwaZulu Natal/Eastern Cape border during April where we presented a pastor’s conference, an evangelism workshop and a Biblical Worldview Seminar. Some of lectures presented included: Christians can Change this World, Get Your Family in Order, The Ten Commandments, Battle for the Mind in the News Media, The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived and The Way of the Master.

School Ministry
David, Berdine and Michelle had the opportunity to minister at schools in town, and in a town across the provincial border of the Eastern Cape. They presented lectures on Disrespect, A Fashionable Sin? centered on the fifth Commandment and Traffick Proof. The principal at one of the schools reminded the students that it was the third time in two weeks that ministry on the fifth commandment came to them and urgently warned that God was speaking to them.

Relevant Message
In all four schools where we presented the Traffick Proof presentation we received first-hand accounts from teachers about students who were trafficked or were saved from potential trafficking situations. These instances included au pair, modeling, and soccer opportunities. Although this is shocking, one must remember that the Eastern Cape is one of the three greatest “recruitment areas” for victims of Human Trafficking in South Africa. This made our presentation all the more relevant and we earnestly warned the students against becoming a victim.

The Greatest Threat
However, we also warned them, amidst this great threat of being trafficked, that there is a greater bondage they must be concerned about – the bondage of the soul to sin and the need for Christ’s salvation. A clear Gospel presentation was part of every lecture at the schools where we ministered.

“Come to the Waters”
David was invited to preach at the Adullam Mission’s Easter Conference on Friday afternoon, Saturday morning, and Sunday evening. The theme was Come All Who Are Thirsty from Isaiah 55:1. Our book table got much attention and many of the conference goers were very excited about the free literature.

Children’s Ministry
On Saturday afternoon, we visited a children’s home in a nearby town and presented the Disrespect, A Fashionable Sin? and Traffick Proof lectures to them. The house parents of the children’s home also told us about an incident where two of their boys were invited to a ‘soccer clinic’ from where they were enticed to go to Europe under very suspicious circumstances. We also visited a church in another town and David gave feedback about our recent mission activities.

Family, Fellowship and Fields
We thoroughly enjoyed the rare privilege of going on a family mission and marveled at God’s beautiful creation along the way as we tried to take the scenic route. We enjoyed the fellowship with other believers and had many, many meaningful conversations and counseling opportunities.

David Frew
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