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1 Why did you come to the GCC?

“I am a missionary who wants to improve and become more effective in the field”; “To learn discipline and how to get involved practically”; “To learn from radical believers who live and teach all Biblical values”; “To help prepare me for the mission field”; “To learn mission principles to apply in my nation”; “For training to be better equipped for the Great Commission.” Most mentioned wanting training for evangelism and missions.

2 Were your expectations met?

Almost everyone said Yes! Many added: “Exceeded”; “Definitely”; “More than I could have hoped for”; “It was beyond my thoughts”; “By God’s grace”; “Indeed, thanks to the Lord”; “Definitely!”

3 What have been your impressions of the GCC?

Well organised; physically and mentally intensive; fun and exciting; jam packed with info and activities”; “God honouring, discipline, Lordship of Jesus Christ foremost, equipping with practical experience, passionate”; “Excellent, inspirational and encouraging. It should be compulsory for all teens and many older people will benefit from it also”; “Excellent teaching, very insightful and helpful”; “Well, at first it was shocking to me. I had expected just teaching, but it was much more than that, physically, mentally and spiritually”; “Insightful training and discipline of spirit, mind and body”; “A very practical course, true missions minded leadership with a heart for Africa and the world. Tough, but good (there is a need for this kind of experience once in a lifetime!!)”; “Strenuous, yet refreshing. Very enlightening lectures which brought illumination and revelation of God’s Word”; “A very necessary course for Christians with a heart for God”; “This is a real training course which trains you to do what you ordinarily would not and could not do. It has really stretched my mind and body”; “A military type training camp for the training of Christian soldiers for missions”; “Very well organised. Everyone worked hard”; “A most unique and valuable tool/instrument to move people out of their comfort zones into missions.

4 In what ways have you benefited from the GCC?

I have learnt to be disciplined in all areas of life; I’ve learnt to stand up fearlessly for what is right; I have seen my responsibility to be a man of God in society; I’ve gotten stronger physically and spiritually”; “I’ve become equipped and more confident to engage in the Great Commission, to train others to stand in the face of worldly opposition”; “It has challenged me to be more disciplined, not to give up but to persevere at swimming upstream”; “Very helpful in training me to outreach more effectively”; “I have benefited spiritually, mentally and even materially. I have also benefited in fitness and knowledge so that I can stand for what is true in the sight of God”; “It is amazing to look back and see all that could fit into one day! When I was tired, weary and doubtful prior to an outreach, but entrusted and committed the work into God’s hand, realizing just obedience, He will do the work, I have found Him to be Faithful and all the doubts and fears vanished like mist before the Sun”; ‘The practical outreaches were the best training to give courage to go and talk to people, share the Gospel and give them literature to read”; “I now know that I can do all things through Christ (I never thought in my life that I could reach the top of the mountain)”; “I have learnt a lot of discipline and become much more fit. My mind has been cleansed, renewed and opened. I have learned to appreciate team work. I have learned how to make an impact through Christ”; “I’m motivated by the work of the Reformers and challenged to read more about them. Frontline Fellowship exhibits the courage that challengers me to dare the odds”; “I’ve become stronger physically and able to persevere through things better physically and spiritually. I have been enlightened about things that I had previously taken for granted”; “My mind and body have been stretched to attempt greater heights for God’s Glory”; “It has given me a good spiritual direction for the rest of 2010”.

5 Which were the most useful or helpful lectures or presentations to you?

“Evangelising Muslims”: 
“William Carey - Missionary and Reformer”: 8 
“Field Focus on Sudan”: 8 
“Making Disciples of All Nations”: 6 
“How the Reformation Changed the Family, Science, Worship and Economics”: 6 
“David Livingstone – Missionary Pioneer”: 6 
“Self Defence”: 6 
“All Lectures”: 6 
“Discipline”: 5 
“Field Focus on Mozambique and Angola”: 5 
“Challenges to Missionaries”: 4 
“What Does it Take to Be a Missionary?”: 4 
“Planning, Stewardship and Accountability”: 4 
“Counselling”: 3 
“The Will of God”: 3 
“Pioneer Missionaries:Columba and Boniface”: 3 
“What Can Go Wrong on a Mission? ”: 2 
“Evangelising Animists”: 2 
“Survival Skills for the Field”: 2 
“Are We Living in the Last Days?”: 2

Others mentioned included: Missions in the Bible, Egalitarianism and Respecting Elders, Money Matters, Congo for Christ, Africa and The Ten Commandments, What You Must Never Forget, and Coping With Capture.

6 What were the most useful, or helpful, videos or workshops to you?

Beyond the Next Mountain : 9 
Evangelism and Public Speaking Workshop: 7
Eetau! : 6 
The Way of the Master : 6 
Terrorism and Persecution : 4 
Sudan: the Hidden Holocaust : 4 
Vehicle Maintenance: 2 
Evangelising in the War Zones : 2 
Two respondents said: “All workshops!”

7 Which where the most useful or helpful practicals, day trips or outreaches to you? What were the highlights of the GCC for you?

The outreaches : 18 
Hikes”: 16 (Table Mountain Hike: 8; Night Hikes: 4; Lions Head Hike: 4) 
“Prison Outreach” : 11 
“Self Defence” : 10 
“KwaSizabantu Mission Work Party” : 9 
“PT” : 7 
“Muslim Outreach” : 4 
“All Practicals” : 4 
“Marie Stopes Abortuary, Prayer Vigil and Outreach” : 3 
“Cravenby Outreach” : 3 
“Eagle Encounter” : 3 
“Andrew Murray Centre ”: 2 
“The Leadership”
 : 2 

“Entire Course” : 2  

8 What were the highlights of the GCC for you?

“The unique composition/balance of physical, time, information, cultural, outreach, exposure and practical relevance”; “P.T., the outreaches, really the whole course: very special, very unique”; “The prison outreach, the street outreaches at night, the practicals”; “Climbing Table Mountain, Self-Defence Workshop”; “The presentations on those missionaries who have gone before us, their devotion and determination is a source of encouragement to continue”; “The lectures on missionary pioneers, their sacrifices for the Kingdom”; “The Table Mountain hike, and the presentations exposing Communism and Islam”; “The Outreaches, great working in teams to bring the net in”; “Evangelism and the night hikes”; “The Eagle Encounter, may we have the courage and vision of the eagles”; “The lives, risks and Faith of old missionary pioneers”; “The Devotions and lectures”; “Are We Living in the Last Days? And Africa and the Ten Commandments”; “The prison outreach was amazing”; “The outreaches”; “The focus on obeying and pleasing the Lord”; “The physical training!”; “The hikes!”; “The leadership is focused and courageousThe commitment is contagious and the amount of knowledge and research done gives a professional touch to the presentations”; “The lectures and outreaches”; “The presentations on Islam, the films and the singing of hymns”; “The prison outreach, physical activities, P.T., night hikes, Table Mountain climb, the witnessing and learning from the actions of the leaders, specifically in the areas of discipline and organisation.”

9 What Actions would you recommend that we take to transform the Nations?

Pray, give, go!; You are doing a great job. Keep up the good work!”; “Live the Bible”; “Network with willing nationals, work first on development of the mindset of nationals to secure healthy spirit and then intensive discipleship”; “The Bible!”; “Teaching the Word to more children at schools because they are the future generation”; “Network with people of similar convictions, share resources and confront the nations with the Gospel and social action”; “Train up and coming leaders”; “We need to work together with other Christians to share the Gospel”; “Training church leaders and top secular authorities. Sending out missionaries and organisingmore conferences like the GCC and BWS”; “Leadership Training of youth”; “Practical action on prayer, evangelisation and discipleship”; “To pray for leaders to rule with wisdom and humility”; “1. Start with self, make sure we are transformed in our hearts, 2. Our families, 3. Neighbours, 4. Churches”; “Get people of all age groups involved in this course, help set up ongoing outreach groups”; “Establish more branches of Frontline in different countries”; “Have a vision for Asia. Like you are doing for Africa, Asia also needs your leadership and training style”; “Encourage participants to start something up in their nations by providing more materials”; “Continue with film and literature evangelism. Have radio and television programmes totally dedicated to evangelism”; “Promote greater missions awareness in churches, pray for the nations, go to the nations, discipleship”; “See who, what and why FF is here in God’s southern gateway into Africa. Who influences us? Who are we influenced by?”

10 Has this course led you to make any commitments or decisions?

To apply the Lordship of Jesus Christ to every area of my life”; “I have surrendered to the Lordship of Christ 100%”; “To minister in Pakistan and Afghanistan”; “To start a mission organisation in my country and use film evangelism and literature for outreaches”; “To be more disciplined in more areas of my life and to persevere despite rejection and suffering for the Faith”; To be more innovative and effective in discipleship and evangelism”; “To organise missionary trips in Malawi”; “To really use this year for the Lord to reach as many people as possible”; “To increase our literature ministry”; “To respect and serve anyone else around me no matter what”; “I'm going to try my best to respect and obey my parents”; “To set up a video and book library that will inspire Christians”; “To get involved in cross-border missions to support suffering Christians and spend more time evangelising in my immediate areas.”

to spend more time in prayer for your country: 21 
to read more good Christian books: 21 
to disciple at least one person per year: 20 
to study the Word of God more regularly: 20 
to fully surrender to the Lordship of Christ: 19 
to join and get involved in a local church: 16 
to help distribute Frontline Fellowship literature: 16 
to support financially a mission: 15 
to volunteer your time to a missionary organisation: 12 
to commit yourself to studying for and working in missions: 12
to join the Christian Action Network: 9 
to start a Missions Prayer Fellowship or Reformation Society in your community: 7 
to sign up for Frontline’s Missionary Apprenticeship Training Programme: 5


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