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  • How did you come to hear of the GCC?

Personal invitation, family and church recommended: 8 
Frontline Fellowship News: 1 
Website: 3 
Jericho Walls Prayer Guide: 1

  • Why did you come to the GCC?

“To get more knowledge and information about Muslims, missionaries and Christian work”; To be equipped and trained for evangelism”; “To broaden my knowledge in soul-winning”; “To learn more about inter-cultural missions”; “To change my life”; “To be more effectively equipped for the mission field”; “To have more skill to fulfill the Great Commission”.

  • Were your expectations met?

Nine people said: Yes; 1 person said: “Not all”; One person said: “They were exceeded!”; Two people said: “More than what I expected”; Two people said: “Absolutely!”

  • What have been your impressions of the GCC?

“Focused, relevant, well-structured – speakers good”; “Well done”; “Good course especially the physical fitness – we need to be strong in the Spirit and body”; “Excellent training. GCC is unique and I am grateful to Frontline Fellowship – please keep it up!”; “The course has been intense. I love it because it covers all areas required”; “Very thorough and informative”; “It has been wonderful”; “I loved all the aspects covered”; “Very interesting course, challenging for all involved”; “The hospitality, trainers, sermons, lectures, books and films”; “An incredible experience, more than I expected, great balance between lectures, physical exercise and discipline”; “Speakers with one heart and mission to win the world for Christ”; “Good lectures. They gave me a lot of knowledge of what happens in missions”; “Excellent group of participants and overall planning”;

  • In what ways have you benefited from the GCC?

“Learned perseverance in serving”; “Word-based and spiritually led”; “I’ve learned how to plan, organise and how to get involved in missionary work”; “There is a great need for missionaries. Only what’s done for Christ will stand”; “I will no longer neglect physical training”; “Spiritually I am empowered. My eyes have been opened for missions”; “Got more background on key missionaries like William Carey, Livingstone, etc.”; “I am grateful to God for the wonderful literature given to me”; “Gained more knowledge to understand, share and implement. Met valuable brothers and sisters in Christ”; “I have benefitted both physically, spiritually and mentally. I feel stronger to take up the great challenge of Missions”; “Opportunity to meet & work alongside people from a variety of countries”; “It provided a more intense picture of what could be expected when God calls one to difficult areas in the field”; “Books, discipline”; “Spiritually I have been strengthened”; “Met great, Godly, motivated believers”.

  • Which were the most useful or helpful lectures or presentations to you?

The Greatest Century of Missions: 4; Hinduism: 4; Zimbabwe: 3; Understanding Animism: 3; Biblical Discipleship: 3; Preparing for the Field: 3; David Livingstone: 3; Mozambique & Angola: 2;The Way of the Masterfilms: 2; Night Hike: 2; How to Succeed in Missions: 2; Martyrs: 2; Zambia: 2; Andrew Murray Centre: 2; Counselling: 2; Comparing the Bible with the Quran: 2; Reclaiming Surrendered Ground: 2; Surviving and Thriving in the Field: 1; Coping with Capture: 1; William Carey: 1; Terrorism and Persecution Film: 1; PT: 1; Missions in the Bible: 1; Why Africa Looks the Way it Does: 1; Motives for Missions: 1; Evangelism and Public Speaking Workshop: 1; Sudan: 1; Reformation Society: 1; What Can Go Wrong on a Mission: 1; The Task Ahead: 1.

  • Which are the most useful or helpful videos or workshops to you?

Not Without My Daughter film: 7; Shooting Range: 5; To End All Wars film: 4; The Story of Eric Liddellfilm: 4; The End of the Spear film: 2; First Aid Workshop: 2; Beyond the Next Mountain film: 2; Eetou!film: 2; Preparing for the Field: 1; Mozambique & Angola: 1; Terrorism and Persecution film: 1; Muslim Evangelism: 1; Evangelism and Public Speaking Workshop: 1; Sudan: 1; Practical night hike: 1; Hinduism: 1; Zambia: 1; Field Footage: 1.

  • Which were the most useful or helpful practicalsday trips or outreaches to you?

Muslim Evangelism Outreaches : 11; Hikes/Table Mountain Hike: 9; Andrew Murray Centre: 5; Shooting Range: 5; Prayer Vigil and Outreach at Marie Stopes Abortuary: 4; Work Party: 4; Tour of the Castle: 3; P.T.: 3; Radio Tygerberg: 3; Soccer Outreach: 2; Church Services – Khayelitsha: 1; First Aid Workshop: 1; Waterfront Outreach: 1

  • Were there any presentations, videos, practicals or events which you think we should NOTschedule for future GCC’s? (If so, could you also please give your reasons).

Six people said: “none”; One person suggested: “That if possible for the mountain hiking to begin earlier”; One person suggested: “More challenging videos to help build up future students”; One person said: “’Money matters’ was not appealing, ‘Counselling’ was well-presented but couldn’t see relevance”;One person said: “Everything was really essential and well-balanced”.

  • In what ways do you think we could have improved our programmes or presentations?

“The audio-visual equipment needs to be checked ahead of time to ensure that everything is connected and working well. The sound system needs to be upgraded. The Muslim Evangelism literature and WMP booklets were needed earlier”; “We need to involve the ‘students’ more. More interactive discussions. Muslim evangelism tracts. More opportunity for outreach and tracts handed out”; “Map reading/Compass – GPS pertaining to mountain hikes” ; “P.T. should be longer”; “Set aside two or three days for Range”; “Some DVDs did not work. Maybe get some GCC participants to also present a short missions-related talk”; “Presentations could be done by people from diverse cultural backgrounds”; “Create more PowerPoints for every lecture presented”; “A day or two for touring”; “Would be better if you let the people get a clearer picture of the practicals and hikes so that they can come prepared”; “All drivers need to be briefed on routes. Each hike should have a map”;“Programme well-balanced and effective”; “Having a permanent computer set up for presentations will help and cars that don’t break down”.

  • What were the highlights (best aspects) of the GCC for you?

“The night hikes, Table Mountain hikes and outreaches”; “Cravenby outreaches and fellowship”; “Seeing the improvement of the delegates both spiritually and physically”; “Spiritual work, outreaches and hikes”; “Counselling by John Leach”; “Networking with local churches in the townships/local areas. Emphasis on self-examination. Table Mountain hike”; “P.T.”; “The lectures on Missions, Table Mountain hike, Range and Devotions”; “Outreach, Sudan, How to Succeed in Missions, The Way of the Master and Andrew Murray Centre”; “Fellowship with other participants, hikes, outreaches, history lectures”; “Bible Drill, and Why Africa Looks the Way it Does”; “The hikes were exciting and outstanding – 2 river hikes outstanding. Loved the lectures on the missionaries – great inspiration”; “Lectures, P.T. and food preparation”; “The challenges Peter, John and the rest face in the mission field”; “Fellowship”; “The river hikes, Andrew Murray Centre”.

  • What actions would you recommend that we take to transform the nations?

“Produce and distribute more Bible-based Reformation books, CDs & DVDs. Establish Reformation Societies and Action Groups in every college and university. Multiply Biblical Worldview Seminars”; “Fathering/mentoring of pastors. We need to teach better discipleship strategies – especially the importance of fathers discipling their families, family devotions – a key to Reformation and Revival”;“Have a strategy to have similar BWS/GCC courses in all countries and nations with a common goal”; “Train more missionaries and equip them to train others to reach many”; “Set up satellite BWS/GCC type offices/programmes in strategic places through Southern Africa”; “Get more people equipped on inter-cultural missions knowledge to be effective in the field”; “Crusades and person-to-person evangelism is more effective”; “Outreaches to Zimbabwe should continue”; “Mobilise such church leaders to go through this training”; “More prayer, Bible study and action”; “Get more people to look at the world through God’s eyes”.

  • Has this course led you to make any commitments or decisions?

To fully surrender to the Lordship of Christ: 6 
To join and get involved in a local church: 3 
To study the Word of God more regularly: 12 
To spend more time in prayer for our country: 12 
To read more good Christian books: 13 
To disciple at least one person per year: 11 
To financially support a mission: 6 
Volunteer your time to a missionary organisation: 8 
To commit yourself to studying for and working for missions: 8 
To start a Missions Prayer Fellowship or Reformation Society in your school, college or community: 5 
To help distribute Frontline Fellowship literature and recruit subscribers for Frontline Fellowship News: 8 
To sign up for Frontline’s Missionary Apprenticeship Training Programme: 3 
To join the Christian Action Network: 6

  • Other decisions:

“Co-work in mobilising and equipping of apprentices as well as full-time missionaries”; “To continue with PT even at home”; “To stop doubting time, resources, etc. Get out and really live the Great Commission”; “Social action, civic involvement is greatly lacking in the Church in Kenya”; “I will inform more people about the GCC”; “I have decided to stay in touch with other missionary organisations as focused as yours”; “Be a doer of the Word”; “To work as a missionary in any place that God will send me”; “Determined to live a life of no compromise – only Jesus or nothing”; “Commit myself as a man of God and start a prayer centre for Reformation Society”.

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