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Increased Persecution of Christians

Along with the tidal wave of protests and riots on the streets of the Middle East has come a sharp increase of violent persecution of Christian communities. Car bombs and terror attacks on Christians in Egypt, Iraq, Pakistan and Northern Nigeria have killed hundreds of Christians and left many more wounded. Tens-of-thousands of Christians are packing up and fleeing the region. Considering that these Christians come from communities which have survived 14 centuries of Islamic persecution, only to be uprooted now, shows just how severe this new wave of ruthless persecution by radical Muslims has become. 

Christian Exodus from the Middle East

The Christian population in the Middle East has decreased by 1.5 million people over the last 10 years. Officially the number of Christians in the Middle East has dropped from 15 million in the year 2000, to just 13.5 million today. 

Fleeing Bethlehem

Just a few decades ago the population of Bethlehem was majority Christian. Persecution of Christians under the Palestinian authority has caused the Christian population in Bethlehem to plummet to where Christians are only a fraction of the population. 

Fleeing Iraq

Since the toppling of Sadam Hussein’s dictatorship in Iraq and making possible the first democratic elections in that country, the result was more radical Islamicists in power and far more severe persecution of Christians than had been experienced in Iraq before. Today, barely half a million Christians remain in Iraq from a population of 1.3 million Christians just a few years ago. 

The Failure of Democracy in the Arab World

The proposed solution by Western liberals to virtually every problem world wide, that of ballot box democracy, is not working in the Muslim Middle East. When elections were held in Gaza, the radical Islamicist terrorist group, Hamas, received most of the votes. When Bahrain held elections the Islamicist parties won most of the seats. When Algeria held its first elections in 1992, after 25 years of one party socialist dictatorship, Islamicists won the majority of seats. To prevent the establishment of Shari’a law the military intervened and fought a brutal civil war in order to keep Islamicist fanatics from enforcing Shari’a law on the country. 

In Search of the Moderate Muslim Majority

A 2010 Pew Opinion Survey and University of Maryland/Worldopinion.org survey found that 84% of Muslim Egyptians favour the death penalty for “apostates” (those who choose to leave Islam); 95% say that they want Islam to play a major role in politics; 74% favour a strict enforcement of Shari’a law; 50% support the radical Hamas terrorist group; 30% support the even more violent and radical Hezbollah. 20% support Al Qaeda. 

Deadly Democracy

To many Westerners who know little about Islam or the Middle East, the news of mass protests against dictatorships and calls for democracy would sound like a good development. However, in Arab countries, where some measure of democracy has been introduced, however tentatively, it has invariably led to radical Islamicists coming to power. 

Understanding the Times

As we are bombarded with news reports with violent protests and riots throughout the Middle East, of the Lybian Air Force machine gunning and bombing civilian protestors, and one shocking report after another, it is essential that we understand the times and especially that we understand the driving force behind much of what is going on in the Middle East: The religion of Islam. 

Understand Islam

No Frontline Fellowship publication has engendered more controversy, and been in more demand worldwide, than Slavery, Terrorism and Islam – The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat. The first 3 editions and 5 printings sold out so fast that we were almost continuously out-of-stock. The first edition earned me a Muslim death threat Fatwa, and Amazon.com began offering second hand copies of the hard-to-find book for exorbitant amounts. Now, just in time for this dramatic realignment of world politics in the Middle East, the 4th edition of our Slavery, Terrorism and Islam book has been published. Already, so far this year, we have had 5 printings of this edition with the book being published and printed in the USA, England, and at 2 separate publishers in South Africa. 

Making Sense of the Middle East

Slavery, Terrorism and Islam - The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat - provides the essential background necessary to understand Islam and the Middle East at this critical time. With over 200 pictures, maps and charts, the book is richly illustrated. It includes chapters on Uprooting Terrorism, Resisting Shari’a in Nigeria, Jihad – Islamic Holy War, Islam in Prophecy According to the Reformers, Women in Islam, The Crusades and Jihad, Guidelines for Muslim Evangelism, Muslim Population by Country, Percentage of Muslims by Country, A Glossary of Islamic Terms, Who’s Who in Islam, Military Spending and National Prosperity, Comparing the Bible with the Quran, and much, much more. 

Practical Strategy for Victory

With a practical, field-tested battle plan to counter the radicalism of Islam, and a strategy to mobilise Christians to be effective evangelists to Muslims, Slavery, Terrorism and Islam is a unique and invaluable resource at this critical time. 

Audio Visual Resources

Also available along with the Slavery, Terrorism and Islam book is a Muslim Evangelism MP3 with 13 lectures and PowerPoints and a number of excellent supplementary DVDs. 

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