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Not often does one person experience being an organ donor as well as a mastectomy patient within eight months. Lenora feels somewhat battered and bruised, weary and weepy. By God’s grace, Lenora is back safely at home, sore, but recovering from surgery. The operation was performed on Tuesday, 3 August. When she came round after the three hour operation she managed a faint smile and said “It feels like I’ve done 20,000 pushups”. 

The surgeons were positive, declaring the operation a success. They believed that they had managed to surgically remove all the cancer. Some lymph glands were taken for pathological analysis and we are awaiting the results from the Oncologist.

In the bed opposite from Lenora was a woman from England. She was a nurse and needed the same surgical procedure as Lenora. Because of the long delays in receiving such treatment in England, under the National Health Service, she chose to fly to South Africa for the procedure. It was an interesting commentary on the failure of socialised health care and another reminder of the high standard of surgical expertise still maintained in many hospitals in South Africa. 

Lenora made numerous friends while in hospital and she was discharged on Sunday afternoon, 8 August. 

The next day the children joined me for outreaches in the shopping malls. For the last fifteen years we have engaged in setting up literature table and distributing Christian literature and balloons with Scriptures on them to shoppers and their children in shopping malls throughout the country. Traditionally, the Hammond family takes responsibility for Somerset Mall and we had the privilege of counseling numerous people using Evangelism Explosion and Way of the Master. Those whom we counseled also received New Testaments. There were many enthusiastic responses and we praised God for the privilege of calling aloud, raising our voices in the open squares, in the chief concourses, at the gateways of the city (Proverbs 1:20-21). 

The next day a friend came to look after Lenora as I took our children off for a night in a Game Reserve. Reach for a Dream Foundation seeks to organise something special for children with a life threatening disease. For Christopher’s fifteenth birthday they arranged for our family to visit and spend a night at a nearby Game Reserve. Christopher and Calvin thoroughly enjoyed hours of quad biking (all terrain vehicles). We had the joy of seeing up-close lions, cheetahs, a leopard, elephants, buffalo, rhino, hippos, zebra, springbok, eagles and hawks. 

Lenora is recovering and is stronger every day. We are most grateful for your prayers, encouragement and support. 

May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength. 

Peter Hammond

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