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Dear Family and Friends 

Yesterday, Christopher was re-admitted to Red Cross Hospital.  His creatinine levels had been rising and had gone from 80 at the beginning of last week up to 120 yesterday.  After being on a drip over night his creatinine levels have decreased to 104.  

The specialists are again wanting to keep him in over night and are planning a biopsy in the morning.  

In December and January Christopher went through 6 anesthetics for 6 operations and was in hospital for 6 weeks.  Since then he has been going in at least once a week, sometimes more often, for blood tests and occasional scans. 

Since the operation, and the clearage of the blockage had which prevented his new kidney from functioning for the first month, Christopher has been blessed with better health, more energy and a greater appetite than ever before in his life.  He has been bouncing out of bed early, and energetic until late at night.  His new kidney has definitely given him a new lease on life. 

Of course he has to be on a wide variety of anti-rejection medicines and is carefully monitored.  All of this has of course weighed heavily upon Lenora and I and interfered in his schooling.   

Please continue to pray for much wisdom for the medical specialists and for the Lord’s overruling and healing hand in all of this. 

Thank you very much for all your love and concern, for your prayers and for your encouragement. 

May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength. 

In His service.   

Peter and Lenora Hammond

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