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Dear Praying Friends 

Greetings in the precious Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. 

Thank you very much for your prayers, for your encouragement and for your support during the transplant.  There have been complications.  Christopher is still in desperate need of our concerted, focused prayers.  His createnine and urea levels continue to rise.  He has been in extreme pain.  The medical specialists are telling us to be patient, as sometimes it takes some time for the transplanted kidney to recover from the shock of being “harvested” and transplanted into a new body.  They are also looking into the possibility that some of the medication he is receiving could be interfering with his kidney function.  

On Tuesday, 1 December Christopher was admitted to Red Cross Childrens Hospital and Lenora to Groote Schuur Hospital.  Early on Wednesday morning Lenora’s kidney was ‘harvested’ and transported over to Red Cross Hospital where it was successfully transplanted into Christopher. 

I was able to be scrubbed up, cap and gowned, to go with Christopher into the Operating Theatre until he was under anaesthetic.  I then raced over to Groote Schuur Hospital to see Lenora after she came round from her operation.  And then was back at Red Cross Hospital in time before Christopher came out of his surgery. 

Almost immediately Christopher complained of acute pain.  Then of hunger and thirst.  He is still in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).  When a blockage was detected on Friday afternoon he had to be rushed into Theatre for another operation to clear the blockage.  Although this was described as “minor surgery” he still had to be put under anaesthetic and that also extended his enforced fast.  

Christopher has a bewildering array of monitors around him and an unbelievable amount of needles, drips and tubes attached to his body.  One is literally a pain in the neck.  Understandably, Christopher is most frustrated by the delays and complications and quite discouraged that despite assurances, including from others that have gone through kidney transplant procedures, he hasn’t felt any better yet, and in fact, so far, feels a whole lot worse. 

By God’s grace, Lenora has sufficiently recovered from her operation to be released from hospital this morning.  She is still in acute pain and needs to rest.  However, Lenora is home.  I also managed to drive her over to visit Christopher in ICU. 

My sister, Vanessa, flew down from the Transvaal to help me with all the home and extra-mural responsibilities.  Vanessa has been absolutely invaluable, taking Daniela to her many ice-skating training sessions and her ice-skating Gala where she won a bronze medal last night and for Calvin’s gymnastic training.  Calvin took part in a gymnastics display on Saturday as well.  Between me juggling the two hospitals, the mission and home, Vanessa has been able to be by Christopher’s side at key times to help him through this ordeal. 

I'm sorry that we cannot report back yet on a fully successful operation.  We are still waiting for Lenora’s donated kidney to begin cleansing Christopher’s system of all the toxins that have built up.  This situation is still very serious. 

Lenora and I are most grateful for your love, thoughtfulness and encouraging communications. 

May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength. 

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission. 

Peter Hammond

Frontline Fellowship

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