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Dear praying friends! 

Thank you to all of you who send us encouraging notes, respond to my Blog, and who keep us in your prayers.  ( http://hamfam-lenora.blogspot.com/ ) 

Christopher and I were at the Renal Clinic last week, and the most recent blood tests are not looking good. He is in End – Stage Renal Failure now, and they are attempting to bring the transplant forward. At first we were tentatively scheduled for February 2010, but now we are booked for November 18th.  (Another family was moved to our date in Feb) 

I  still need to do a CT scan, and then they will do final blood tests, to ensure that the match is a good one. I will be checked into the State Hospital (Groote Schuur) on November 17th, and the surgery is due to take place on the 18th. 

Christopher is seen once a week now for regular blood work and blood pressure tests. I am confident we are in good hands. 

Some of you have expressed concern regarding the fact that these are not American Hospitals. While our facilities are reminiscent of WWII, the surgeons and specialists are first class. We are very happy with their knowledge and care, and the overall co-ordinator for this operation has looked after us very efficiently. South Africa is an interesting mix of First World and Third World situations, and you experience this juxtaposition almost daily. As far as our Renal care goes, we are grateful for caring physicians and for good care, even though the waiting is long, and the facilities less than 2star! 

We praise the Lord, to Whom none of this comes as a surprise, that He has gone ahead of the situation, and that His loving hand will rest upon us. Thank you for your intercession and friendship. 

God bless you, 

Lenora and Peter Hammond

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