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Dear praying friends 

Winter greetings to all of you from a cold, wet and stormy Cape Town. It has been awhile since I have updated you on Christopher's situation. We celebrated his 14th Birthday yesterday!  We praise the Lord for another year He has given us with him. 

So far, Christopher has defied all medical predictions and has done exceptionally well. He is on 5 different medications now, and the more he grows, the harder it is for his kidney to keep up with the workload.   We were recently at the Renal Clinic for our 6- week check-up, and as usual, blood tests were taken. This is done so that we can see how well his one kidney is doing its job. (He only has one kidney) 

The results were not so good this time, in that his creatinine levels have jumped up to 430. By 500 they start Dialysis. It has always been our desire to avoid dialysis, and to rather transplant when the time comes. I am the most likely donor, and am ready for this. 

Today I leave with our eldest daughter, Andrea, for America where she has been offered a scholarship at a Christian College.  We are blessed indeed, and it is a real privilege.    Peter will be juggling our children’s home schooling and extra-mural schedules in my absence.  Upon my return to Cape Town, Christopher and I will again visit the Renal Clinic for more tests, and will hopefully then know what the transplant time frame will be.  Peter and Calvin head off on another mission the day after I return to Cape Town. 

We trust our Sovereign Lord for His perfect timing in all of this. Humanly speaking though, we were hoping for early next year. He has some important

competitions coming up in September and December, and we were really praying he would last out until then. Please join us in prayer as we rest in God's

perfect schedule for our lives. It is our earnest desire to be obedient in all matters, and to wish only for His plan. But these are events Christopher is really wanting to a complete before his transplant, puts him out of action for a few months. 

Thank you for standing in the gap with us as we trust the Lord with all of our concerns. May He guide and strengthen you as you continue to serve and honour Him. 

With gratefulness, 

Lenora Hammond

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