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Dear praying friends!                                     

Greetings from Cape Town at this special time of the year.  We serve a risen and victorious Saviour, and are grateful we can come to you now with a renewed request for prayer for Christopher.

Many of you have been praying and have kept up-to-date on his renal failure. We have been very touched by the emails and responses to this. Thank you. For most of his 13 years, he has been in ‘mild’ renal failure. This has now officially changed to ‘severe’ impairment.

The Doctors are hesitant to tell us exactly what the time frame for a transplant will be, but they have communicated a renewed sense of urgency.

Christopher is taking 5 different medications now, and his diet is just about to be severely restricted. His toxic levels have risen to an all time high, and his body is struggling to maintain normal levels of phosphate and calcium.

 I am still in the process of being tested as a suitable donor, and we pray that if this is the Lord’s will that I will be ready as a donor in the next few weeks.

Please pray for Christopher and with us, as we try to discern the timing of everything. Peter is scheduled for a number of long ministry trips this year, and some of them will need to be cancelled if the transplant takes place during such a journey.

 We give God the glory in advance and ask that you would intercede on our behalf.

 We are grateful.

Thank you for standing with us.

Lenora Hammond

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