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Sudan has effectively declared war against the newly Independent South Sudan. The Sudan Air Force has bombed targets inside South Sudan. Land-locked South Sudan stopped pumping oil through Sudan in January. In view of the government of Sudan in Khartoum failing to pay the hundreds-of-millions of Dollars of oil revenue due to South Sudan, they had no other option than to withhold oil from the North.

Bloodshed Over Oil

The Khartoum government responded by bombing oil fields in the South.  Other flash points in this escalating conflict are oil-rich regions in disputed territory, claimed by both the South and the North. The National Islamic Front government of Sudan has waged ethnic cleansing in oil-rich areas such as Abyei and Heglig. Heglig, one of South Sudan's main sources of income,  had its oil processing plant destroyed by Sudan Air Force bombings.

New Jihad Unleashed

The Sudanese army has crossed into South Sudan with tanks and artillery. Reports have been received of Sudan Air Force MiG-29 jets bombing targets in the Bentiu region of South Sudan. Marketplaces have been rocketed. Sudanese Commander, General Kamal Abdul Maarouf, boasted to Reuters that his army had killed thousands of South Sudanese in these latest clashes. The dictator of Sudan, Omar Al Bashir, vowed to teach South Sudan "a final lesson by force". Muslim mobs have burned churches and Bible Colleges in the North.

Nuba Under Fire Again

Churches in the Nuba Mountains have come under aerial bombardment. The Bible College in Heiban in the Nuba Mountains has been damaged by aerial bombardment by the Sudan Air Force. Christians report aerial bombardments by both MiGs and Antanovs.

Genocide Planned for the Nuba

Al-Jazeera television has broadcast footage of the governor of South Kordofan, the indicted war criminal Ahmed Harun, addressing his soldiers before being deployed to the Nuba Mountains: "You must hand over the place clean… swept, rubbed, crushed. Don't bring them back alive! We have no space for them!" The broadcast footage then shows an army commander standing near the governor, declare: "Don't bring them back! Eat them alive!"

Refugees Flee Jihad

Over 350,000 refugees have fled into South Sudan. The Khartoum government has continued aerial bombardment of refugees and blockade of humanitarian aid reaching the Nuba Mountains. Almost a million Nubans are facing starvation conditions.

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