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Practical Discipleship


now Available as an E-Book

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In the Introduction to Practical Discipleship, Rev. Erlo Stegen, Founder and Director of KwaSizabantu Mission, writes:

"The timeless truths of Biblical discipleship need to be proclaimed in every generation. 'If you want to be My disciple.' is always linked to the day-to-day outworking of following Christ in one's secret life, family life, community life and in every other field. 

"If we have not evidenced a dramatic transformation in our beliefs, moral standards, way of life, behaviour and conduct then it is doubtful if we are even forgiven.' This new book Practical Discipleship lays out the every-day practicality of being a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

"The central theme of Repentance offers hope and renewed faith, grace and victory. Our Lord's command to 'go and disciple every nation' is a command to every believer. And this new book is a learner's manual with very practical tools for every generation. 

"As with many of Dr Peter Hammond's other books, he looks at the crucial importance of genuine Revival. The final four chapters: 'Heart Cry for Revival', 'The Ulster Revival of 1859', 'Revival in the Bible and in History', and 'Andrew Murray and the 1860 Revival' are well worth reading again and again. 

"It should always humble us to realise that Revival is a sovereign act of God but also includes the practical promises that go hand-in-hand with discipleship. Would that God stir up a fresh agonising for Revival!" 

In the Foreword to Practical Discipleship, Rev. Bill Bathman, Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship, writes:

"Practical Discipleship is about implementing the Great Commission. It's not for superficial saints who want to 'play church' on Sunday morning. There are big themes. We learn how to submit to God - resist the devil and overcome the world. The author's points are hard to refute because he insists on backing them up with Scripture - chapter and verse. This is very disconcerting to those whose little boat has run aground beneath the willows in the shallow waters of a mid-western creek. 

"Dr. Hammond is both inspirational and practical. The reader is provided with proven examples of methods, tried and tested over many years. He holds our feet to the fire to ensure responsible accountability and challenges us with searching questions every Christian should answer honestly before God. 

"The 'why' of discipleship is addressed by directing our attention to the wonders of God's Creation and putting the universe in proper perspective. We gain a renewed appreciation of His Majesty, and in awesome wonder cry with Stuart Hine the hymn writer, 'How Great Thou Art!' 

"From this lofty mountain-top experience we're brought back to the valley of every-day life and the practical problems facing every potential disciple. 

"Real problems are faced such as the 'fear of man' and correspondingly the 'praises of men.' Hammond deals with the legitimate fears, and with compromise, treachery, selfishness and the peril of paralyses which results in confessional lock-jaw. He concludes, 'We're not called to be popular, but faithful.' 

"The Bible defines 'sin' in specific terms - it is a violation of God's Law.

Your faith will be ignited and the resulting fire in your soul will burn brightly, attracting others to the Lord. 

"Love demands action. This is the inspiration for the Christian work ethic. 

"Hammond addresses the sin of inactivity with a demonstrated conviction that makes indifference to urgency unacceptable. Sin is serious: 'it is more dangerous than an unexploded bomb, more life-threatening than a deadly disease, more insidious than a virus.' 

"Over a century ago General William Booth, founder of the Salvation Army, warned that a time may come, 'when churches would preach a Saviour without a Cross, Salvation without repentance, Heaven without Hell and Christianity without holiness.' That time is upon us, and lamentably we won't find any true disciples to recruit from that environment. What we believe affects our behaviour, 'faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.' James 2:17 

"Practical Discipleship results in changed lives - our own and those in our sphere of influence. As he says, 'Forgiven sinners share the way of salvation with other sinners. Blessed Christians seek to bless others.' 

"It is regrettable that in many churches today entertainment has replaced education and expository preaching. Dr. Hammond warns us not to let the Great Commission become the Great Omission." 

Practical Discipleship includes 30 Chapters. 

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