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Frontline Fellowship HQ in Cape Town sent this wonderful news from the South Sudan team this morning: (I think Renee wrote this while the men worked on the repairs.)

   "We are finally out of the red zone, trailer and team... The axle is not fixed yet but we are at least in a place where we will be able to get some help. Thank you for all your prayer and support."


     This means they have managed to get out of the bandit area and the zone between the tribal warfare safely with the truck, trailer and team. This is a direct and immediate answer to your prayers!


     Now, please pray specifically that they will be able to: -  

(1) make up the time lost and reschedule the meetings missed,

(2) successfully distribute the vital supplies on board the trailer, and

(3) find the proper parts to fix the trailer that will last for the remaining months in their overland odyssey.


     More good news: We believe that sufficient funds have come in now to repair the trailer! Now, if we can finish the Moru Hymnal printing project this month in time for the team to distribute them during July, it will be a great victory. We live in constant gratitude for your prayers and practical involvement in making these projects a reality.

     To God be the Glory! We'll keep you posted.

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