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Yesterday morning at 04:15, Mike and Renee drove their truck and trailer out of the driveway at the mission headquarters in Cape Town, to begin the most extensive cross-Continental trip ever undertaken by Frontline Fellowship. This husband-wife team has spent months preparing physically, spiritually and mentally for this moment.

     Their departure was the culmination of recent events happening simultaneously in many parts of the world. Last year the Home Church in California conducted an extensive fund-raising campaign which provided the means to purchase and equip a vehicle capable of the arduous journey and the load it must carry. Mike searched far and wide until he found just what was needed, and then began to specially equip it with extra-heavy duty shocks and springs, twin-fuel tanks with a 62 gallon capacity providing a 1,125 mile range; a snorkel so the diesel engine can 'breathe' under water when fording rivers in South Sudan, where the Muslims have bombed out all the bridges.

     While Mike was busy organizing supplies for the trip, Renee finished her teaching contract at the University of Cape Town and prepared the admin files for her successor on the faculty. In January they both participated in the Great Commission Course, led by our Director, Dr. Peter Hammond. The GCC is a 3-week, high-intensity, mind stretching, body-building, Spirit filled training course designed to toughen and hone specific skills. It is required for all Frontline staff and field workers.

     Last month, the Mission received a container from the USA with 17 tons of Bibles and Christian books to stock the libraries of pastors along the route of this epic 7-month, 12-nation Africa overland mission trip. Please pray for Spiritual insight, physical protection and safe travel for Mike and Renee.

     Pray too, for Dr. Hammond this week in a Ministers Conference at KwaSizabantu as he speaks to over 1,000 pastors.

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