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Volume 2 1988

Testimony of Professor Gunnar Hasselblatt, Director of the Ethiopian Department of the Protestant Berlin Mission, who, after six years of missionary work in ETHIOPIA, has reported:

“33-Million Ethiopian farmers (out of a total population of 42-million) were expelled from their villages under the Marxist forced relocations policy, and crammed into heavily-guarded state settlements. There they were forced to work for the government under a socialist policy that forbade both private ownership and free enterprise. This slavery brought about the crop failure, and the resultant man-made famine will probably continue into eternity.

“It is tragic that some relief agencies co-operated with the communist government and thus supported this immense destruction. World opinion has a false image of the situation in Ethiopia because of the inadequate information provided by the relief organisations.

“The hunger for justice in Ethiopia is much greater than the hunger for bread. There are over 100 000 prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia. Some pastors have been in jail since 1975. And many hundreds of churches have been forcibly closed by the Marxists.”
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