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Volume 2 1988

Since the beginning of this year, religious freedom has been restricted in UGANDA. The military government has announced that it will protect the population from evangelism (called “militant proselytism”), and has forbidden open-air services or outreaches without special police permission and state supervision.

This restriction on the Christian churches in Uganda does not affect the Muslims (who make up about five percent of the population), who continue to meet for prayer on the squares and in the streets around their mosques.

Since 1971, about one-million Ugandans have died violently under the successive dictatorships and the ongoing civil war. Over 600 000 Christian Blacks were slaughtered under the brutal Islamic dictatorship of Idi Amin. Aided by the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organisation), Libya and Saudi Arabia (whose King Faisal awarded Amin a ceremonial sword declaring - "With this sword kill the enemies of Islam"). Idi Amin outlawed most denominations, converted churches into mosques and declared Islam the official religion of Uganda.

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