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Paul Lindstrom, Editor

John Battell, Managing editor


November 1978


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CCL To Reopen Missions

The British-operated Emmanuel Mission in Rhodesia, a school for about 250 black children, was invaded on June 23, 1978, by about 20 black guerilla terrorists wielding clubs, axes, and bayonets. The terrorists hacked, bayonetted and beat to death the 13 British missionaries and their children.

The dead included a three week-old baby girl, 4, 5, and 8 year old girls, a 6 year old boy, and eight adults, six of them women. All had been battered on the head and face, and otherwise foully abused. One girl's body had the purple imprint of a boot on her face and neck, and one woman had an axe embedded in her back. Blood-covered lengths of rough wood, apparently used to batter the victims to death, were found near the bodies. All but one of the women had been raped and left semi-naked on the grass. The mission school had become the scene of almost indescribable carnage caused by the terrorist butchers.



massacreBefore the massacre at Emmanuel, 33 white missionaries (and countless blacks) had been killed by terrorists in Rhodesia, five of them in the three weeks preceding the massacre. The cowardly communist terrorists (who specialize in attacking defenseless women and children) have succeeded in closing 19 mission stations in Rhodesia in their efforts to drive all Christian missionaries out of the country.

Also in June, six other missionaries were shot, and a white farmer, married and the father of four children, was killed in ambush by the terrorists. And, the terrorist savagery continues. In September, an unarmed civilian aircraft was shot down by the terrorists. One of the survivors of the crash was a 21 year old girl who had suffered a broken arm. Terrorist guerillas forced her to watch while they shot 10 other survivors, and then the eight terrorists repeatedly raped her, eventually bayoneting her to death after keeping her alive for over an hour while the air was filled with her screams and the terrorist’s laughter. Police reported that she was horribly mutilated, her eyes gouged out and her breasts cut off. Many more instances of terrorism could be related.



Leaders of the terrorists are Robert Mugabe and Joshua Nkomo, black African Marxists who want to take control of Rhodesia and turn it into a communist dictatorship.

President Jimmy Carter and U.N. Ambassador Andrew Young have refused to recognize the government of Rhodesia, which is favored by the majority of Rhodesians, and instead want Mugabe and Nkomo included in a new Rhodesian government. How could anyone in their right senses impose Mugabe and Nkomo on the Rhodesian people, both blacks and whites, particularly when one looks back over the record of brutal murder, pillage, and every crime possible to afflict on human beings committed by Nkomo, Mugabe, and their political alliance (for example, the attack on the plane was carried out by terrorists under the command of Joshua Nkomo, who was on the air within hours of the attack, boasting of his terrorists success). Are President Carter and Ambassador Young fools?

truck shot 


Also supporting Mugabe, Nkomo, and their terrorist butchers is the World Council of Churches and its U.S. branch, the National Council of Churches. During the past eight years, the W.C.C. gave more than $1,320,000 to black guerilla groups in southern Africa. The program of grants to communist revolutionary terrorist groups began under W.C.C. general secretary Eugene Carson Blake, a United Presbyterian. Shortly after the June 23 massacre of the missionaries at the Emmanuel Mission School, the W.C.C. rewarded the terrorist group responsible for the carnage with an $85,000 grant. The money for these grants comes from the tithes and offerings of church-goers in N.C.C. member churches. A partial listing of N.C.C. churches includes the United Church of Christ (Congregational), the United Presbyterian Church, the Lutheran Church in America, the United Methodist Church, the Episcopal Church, and many Baptist churches, among others. Everyone who gives money to these and other N.C.C. supporting churches is helping to finance the murder of Christian missionaries! Instead of spreading the Gospel, they are suppressing it.



As a result of the missionary massacre, the Church of Christian Liberty was led of God to reopen one or more missions in Rhodesia that have been closed by the communist terrorists, and to invite Prime Minister Ian Smith to the U.S. so he could tell the American people what's happening in Rhodesia. The groundwork for these actions was laid in April when Rev. Lindstrom, in God's Providence, traveled to Africa and conferred with both Rhodesian and South African officials.

dead childU.S. government visa policies extend a welcome to every two-bit dictator or communist leader around the world, opening the flood¬gates to communists, terrorists, espionage agents, and other security problems. But, because the Carter Administration is trying to force the minority-supported communist terrorists into the Rhodesian government, President Carter, Ambassador Young, and the State Department attempted to keep P.M. Smith out of the country, thereby denying the American people their right to hear the Rhodesian leaders and to then decide for themselves.

The Church of Christian Liberty's actions resulted in thousands of news stories, radio and TV comments and interviews (Rev. Lindstrom was on British radio many times), and magazine coverage in the U.S., England, and around the world, putting tremendous pressure on the State Department, resulting in the prime minister and his entourage being issued visas. Predictably, in Moscow the Soviet Union communists, who are backing the terrorists in Rhodesia, denounced the U.S. decision as "disgraceful," and the news media in the U.S parroted Moscow's denouncement.

Although P.M. Smith was not able to attend a planned conference in Prospect Heights on the future of missions in Rhodesia because of his full schedule in Washington, we do praise God for his coming to the U.S., being on national TV, and meeting with members of congress. Our goal for his trip was 90% reached. The CCL's actions in regards to mission work in Rhodesia, as well as our efforts in bringing P.M. Smith to the U.S., have been of great encouragement to the people of Rhodesia, and the Rhodesian government, on behalf of the people, has thanked the CCL for its help and support.



Plans continue for missionary work in Rhodesia. The reopened missions will be staffed by members and friends of the Church of Christian Liberty. Christian volunteers include preachers, teachers, doctors, and former military personnel who are sick and tired of seeing the cowardly communists attacking defenseless Christian missionaries, raping, beating, and murdering them and their children. The new missions will not only seek to reopen schools for the black children that have been closed by the communist terrorists, but open mission medical clinics as well, preaching the Gospel, healing the sick, and defending our brethren. Our missions will include missionary women, as the mission stations will be safe for everyone. If the communists attack, we will be ready for them.

Our Christian Liberty Mission in Rhodesia will be a strong Christian Light in the midst of terrorist darkness. Like the ministers in the days of the old Wild West, all our missions' staff will be armed with both Bibles and guns, and in the name of Jehovah God we defy terrorist leaders such as Mugabe, Nkomo, and those that support them, such as Jimmy Carter, Andrew Young, and the W.C.C. / N.C.C. to try and close us down.



Christian flag on truckThe actual work in Rhodesia has already begun. In September, a 10 man military team consisting of former Green Berets and others, went to Rhodesia to assess the security situation at the Emmanuel Mission and various other sites, and to set up a defense system. They have reported that the Emmanuel Mission, the site of the massacre, cannot be adequately defended against further attacks, but they have found two other abandoned missions that can be made secure. We are now awaiting approval from the Rhodesian government to reopen these missions.



Financing for the Rhodesian project will come from supporters all over the United States who cannot go to Rhodesia themselves, but who will support dedicated Christians who are willing to go. A group of Salisbury businessmen has also been organized to help raise money for the missions project, and has already donated an anti-mine vehicle to the mission.

Will you help? Write the President and your congressmen, telling them that you don't want our government forcing terrorists such as Nkomo and Mugabe on the Rhodesian people. Pray for the success of this missionary work.

The work of Christ must continue in Rhodesia. The Lord has sent us forth to the ends of the world, and we must obey his voice.

"Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world… earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints."


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