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How South Sudan Won Her Independence

In response to increasingly urgent requests for offering our bestselling Faith Under Fire in Sudan book by Dr. Peter Hammond in E-book format. This complete revision and expansion of Faith Under Fire in Sudan is 71,590 words, in 31 chapters and includes over 85 pictures and maps, most in colour. This revised edition is three times larger than the first edition, which was published in 1996. With South Sudan's independence 9 July 2011, the urgency of producing this book, both in hard cover and in soft cover, pushed us to work around the clock until we had the most up-to-date and comprehensive book on Sudan, ever produced. 


Some schools immediately made it one of their setwork books. Requests were received to deliver copies of the book to chaplains, teachers, pastors, bishops and government leaders in South Sudan, as well as to the President of South Sudan, Salva Kiir. 


This book includes many previously unpublished pictures and compelling new stories of the oldest community of Christians in the largest country in Africa, who suffered some of the worst persecution, in the longest war of the 20th century, and yet with the fastest church growth and with more Muslims coming to Christ than anywhere else that we knew of. 


From a missionary perspective, Sudan is a most strategic country in the 10/40 window. Sudan was the last country to become Muslim, and South Sudan was one of the first countries to be liberated from Islam. There are millions of Evangelical Christians in Sudan and South Sudan, most of whom know Arabic. Many of them come from a Muslim background. 

Behind Enemy Lines

Frontline Fellowship's bestselling book on Africa's forgotten war is also available in hard copy, in hard cover and paperback. The expanded and thoroughly revised third edition is 320 pages and includes over 200 pictures and maps. Faith Under Fire takes you behind the lines of one of the longest wars of recent years, and introduces you to the unforgettable Christian heroes of this colossal conflict. 

What Christian Leaders Have Said About Faith Under Fire in Sudan

"What a story, what courage to obtain it, what determination it displays about the Sudanese Christians who do not succumb to Islam in its cruellest and worst manifestation in the world today! Would that Christians around the world were to read this sobering account and support our brothers and sisters in the Faith in prayer, publicity and practical help… Faith Under Fire in Sudan is a vital publication …it deserves a global distribution." Patrick Johnstone, WEC Missionary, Author of Operation World, England. 

"Christians everywhere need to be reading Faith Under Fire in Sudan, by Dr. Peter Hammond." Dr. D James Kennedy, President of Evangelism Explosion International and Author of What if Jesus had Never Been Born? USA. 

"Faith Under Fire in Sudan is the most important and well documented book I have ever read on Sudan... It is a book that cannot be ignored." Dr. Paul Negrut, Pastor, Emmanuel Baptist Church, Oradea, Romania. 

"Congratulations on your book on Sudan! God is using it both to raise awareness and to generate prayer." Dr. Tokunboh Adeyemo, General Secretary of Association of Evangelists in Africa (AEA), Kenya. 

"Peter Hammond's Faith Under Fire in Sudan is a thrilling account of the power of the Christian Gospel to make Christ's little ones into heroes. Especially Christians in the West need to read this book and to note its message." Rev. Prof. Dr. Francis Nigel Lee, Queensland Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Brisbane, Australia. 

"Faith Under Fire in Sudan is an important document for Christians of all denominations at this time in the history of our continent... Peter Hammond has done us all a service in focusing our eyes on the Sudan. This long neglected area requires our urgent attention." Bishop Frank Retief, Church of England in South Africa, Author of Tragedy to Triumph, South Africa. 

"This book is part of an extraordinary effort to publicize the perilous plight of persecuted Christians in Sudan, and to mobilise international pressure against the persecutors." Rev. Bill Bathman, Chairman of the Board, Frontline Fellowship, USA. 

The E-book is available for US$4. 

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