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Frontline Fellowship subscribes to the following Statement of Commitment, as adopted by the Consultation on World Evangelization (COWE) conferees from 87 nations.

In the light of His clear command to go and make disciples of all nations, His universal authority and His love for all humanity, we solemnly make the following commitment to Christ, which we shall seek His Grace to fulfill:

  1. We pledge ourselves to live under the Lordship of Christ, and to be concerned for His will and glory, not our own.
  2. We pledge ourselves to work for the evangelization of the world and to bear witness by word and deed to Christ and His salvation.
  3. We pledge ourselves to serve the needy and the oppressed, and in the name of Christ to seek for them relief and justice.
  4. We pledge ourselves to love all those we are called to serve, even as Christ loved us, and to identify with them in their needs.
  5. We pledge ourselves to pray for the Church and for the world, that Christ will renew His Church in order to reach His world.
  6. We pledge ourselves to study God’s Word, to seek Christ in it, and to relate it to our contemporaries and us.
  7. We pledge ourselves to give with the generosity of Christ, that we may share with others what He has given to us.
  8. We pledge ourselves to go wherever Christ may send us, and never to settle down so comfortably that we cannot contemplate a move.
  9. We pledge ourselves to labor to mobilize Christ’s people, so that the whole Church may take the whole Gospel to the whole world.
  10. We pledge ourselves to co-operate with all who share with us the true Gospel of Christ, in order to reach the unreached people of the world.
  11. We pledge ourselves to seek the power of the Spirit of Christ, that He may fill us and flow through us.
  12. We pledge ourselves to wait with eagerness for Christ’s return, and to be busy in His service until He comes.

We believe that God, who has uniquely exalted His Son Jesus Christ, has led us to make these pledges to Him.
With hope and prayer we invited all Christ’s followers to join us in our commitment
so that we may work together for the evangelization of the world.

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