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Volume 2 1988

Over 1 000 Christians were massacred by Muslim mobs in the western SUDAN town of Diein earlier this year. The atrocity began with 25 Dinka Christians being driven from their evening prayer service by a mob of Rizeigat Muslims armed with spears, axes and Soviet-made AK47 (Klashnikov) assault rifles. Some of the Christians were killed and several homes burnt down.

The next morning, as the Christian tribesmen attempted to escape from the town, hundreds of Rizeigat Muslims attacked them at the railway station. During the massacre that ensued, over 1 000 of the Christians were stabbed, clubbed, shot or burnt to death.

The Rizeigats are Muslims. an old warrior tribe from western Sudan, who are hostile to the non-Muslim Blacks — especially the Christian Dinkas, who call themselves Arabs and have fled into western Sudan from the war-torn south.

Since 1983. when Sudan was officially declared an Islamic republic and Islamic Shariat law was imposed on its citizens, dozens of pastors have been killed and hundreds of churches destroyed.

tThis account has been based upon a 33-page report written by Khartoum University Professors, Ushari Mahmud and Suleyman Ali Baldo).

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