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Great Commission Course

By God's grace, our three-week Great Commission Course, including the Biblical Worldview Summit, was greatly blessed. Participants came from as far afield as Uganda, Namibia, Zimbabwe, the United States of America and from all over South Africa. This year Frontline Fellowship celebrates 20 years of conducting Biblical Worldview Seminars in Africa. The first Great Commission Course was conducted in 1998. Along with lectures, each day participants were involved in practicals and outreaches, including at railway stations, at traffic lights, in shopping malls, and in a local prison. Each of the GCC participants also took part in night time street outreaches, night hikes up the mountain, a work party at a nearby mission station and ministry on a Christian community radio station.

Celebrating the Independence of South Sudan

On 9 July our Mission house was a scene of celebration as Sudanese Christians in Cape Town joined our mission staff and GCC participants in a special evening focused on South Sudan's successful struggle for secession. After a special slide presentation, testimonies from South Sudanese and film clips, we all sang Praise God from Whom all blessings flow, with much joy!

Missions to Zambia and Zimbabwe

Immediately after the Great Commission Course, two mission vehicles were loaded up and sent out for outreaches across the border. Despite vehicle problems, punctures and repairs needed to be made in remote areas on tough terrain, even for 4-wheel drive vehicles, our missionaries report answers to prayer and tremendous opportunities for evangelism and discipleship amidst desperate needs.

Mission to Sudan

This is the rainy season in South Sudan. Many of the remote areas where we minister are inaccessible at this time. However, we are planning a series of vital missions to deliver much needed materials to our newly independent brethren in South Sudan, and to conduct Leadership Training courses for pastors, teachers, evangelists and chaplains. The needs are urgent and the opportunities are unprecedented. Preparations are being made at this time to ensure that our teams are at the border as soon as the rainy season ends and roads become more passable. The only thing holding us back at this time is a crippling shortage of funds.

Resources for Sudan

We have suitable vehicles, enthusiastic and well motivated, trained missionaries, the Bibles, books, Gospel materials, audio-visual materials, Chaplains Hand Books and Prayer Books, Teachers Manuals, textbooks for the Christian schools and textbooks for the Bible Colleges. We have everything necessary for the missions to Sudan, but we do not have sufficient funds to cover the fuel needed for the vehicles to travel overland to Sudan. Church leaders in Sudan are also requesting sponsorship to reprint their Hymn books and Prayer books which are out of print and greatly in demand for their growing churches.

Congo River Mission

These teams to Sudan will also be able to pre-position materials needed for our planned mission base and dedicated vessel on the Congo River. The plans and contacts are in place and only lack of finances now prevents us from having a permanent mission base and dedicated vessel on the Congo River. It is our prayer that this mission will become fully operational before the end of the year.

Christian Action Network

In addition we have Christian Action Network members in Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya. Our mission teams to Sudan would be able to re-supply many of these churches and ministries enroute , and conduct Leadership Training courses with them on their return trip from Sudan.

An Urgent Call for Prayer and Action

We have the vehicles, the team members, the Bibles and books. Since the economic collapse of 2008, our Mission has suffered a severe drop in donations. As a Faith Mission we do not engage in fund raising, but seek to concentrate on doing the very best we can with whatever we are entrusted with. It has been a tremendous affliction to see so many excellent opportunities lost, merely for lack of financial resources. Please pray earnestly that those who support our Mission would be enabled to provide the support necessary to enable our Mission to continue to respond to the desperate needs and magnificent opportunities which the Lord has laid before us here in Africa.

The Battle for the Soul of the Continent

Persecution of Christians by radical Muslims has increased exponentially this year. In Egypt, in Nigeria, in Ethiopia and Sudan, churches are being bombed and burned. Pastors are being assassinated. Christians are being kidnapped. Muslims who have converted to Christ have been murdered by radical Muslims. The governor of North Kordofan has declared Jihad on the people of the Nuba Mountains. Churches in the Nuba Mountains have been targeted by deadly air strikes and ground attacks and burned. Muslim militia shouting "Allah Akbar" have opened fire on congregations gathered for worship. It is vital that we continue to encourage our Christian brethren in South Sudan and the Nuba Mountains, to expose the persecutors and to work to strengthen the churches and Christian schools that are the foundation for an independent South Sudan.

Serving the Suffering

In order to enable us to better speak up for persecuted Christians in Africa and work for the fulfillment of the Great Commission we are seeking to expand our online presence at this time. Frontline is now on Facebook and Twitter . Various video clips from the field, including under fire at the battlefront, crossing flooded rivers in Sudan, etc. will be posted on YouTube . Please help us to make better known, and more widely available, our new edition of Faith Under Fire in Sudan and Slavery, Terrorism and Islam - The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat books, the films on Sudan, and our www.frontline.org.za website. Please forward this email to your friends.

"When you pass through the waters I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned, nor shall the flames scorch you. For I am the Lord your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Saviour ..." Isaiah 43:2-3

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