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From the beginning of our Great Commission Course, Lenora was experiencing nausea and severe headaches. By the second day of our Reclaiming South Africa for Christ, Biblical Worldview Summit, Lenora was vomiting and had a fever. After a visit to the doctor she appeared to begin to recover, but then from Thursday last week she began to deteriorate. 

On Sunday 3 July, I drove Lenora to our local hospital where they diagnosed her as having Hepatitis. She was immediately placed on an intravenous drip, and extensive blood tests were done. The laboratory tests have now confirmed that Lenora has Hepatitis A. As I understand the doctor’s explanations, Lenora has an inflammation of the liver. It is a viral infection. An ultra-sound indicates spleen enlargement. The doctor is not happy with her progress so far. He still describes her condition as serious. After two days in the hospital, Lenora is still vomiting, and in a very weakened state.

Yesterday, I and each of our four children received immunoglobullin injections to enable us to cope with our probable infections with this contagious virus. This is some kind of immune boosting injection.

All of this is happening while we are hosting a three week Great Commission Course. The mission house is filled with participants from literally all over the world. We have daily lectures and outreaches, night hikes and practicals.

The doctors have warned me that Lenora will be out of action for at least six weeks, and it could be several months before her strength is sufficient to resume normal duties. Please do pray for Lenora’s recovery, that the Lord may restore her to full health and strength in His perfect time.

May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength.

Yours in His service

Peter Hammond

Thank you for Praying for Lenora

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