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Yesterday was a day of medical drama as I took Lenora to Groote Schuur Hospital to be admitted for the donation of her kidney. Incredibly after all the battery of tests taken over the last year they still needed to do final cross checks and x-rays.

I then took Christopher over to Red Cross Childrens Hospital where he would be receiving the kidney transplant. Inevitably they had more needles to stick into him and chest X-rays and other tests followed. Everyone was tense but ready for the transplant to begin early today (Wednesday).

However, late last night the nurses came in and unhooked the IV saline drip and informed Lenora that an emergency heart, liver and kidney transplant needed to be done immediately and that theatre was going to be continuously in use. As this transplant was from a cadaver donor, it had a higher urgency and we were being bumped to possibly two weeks from now! The next available theatre time is 2 December.

We are very grateful for all the prayers, encouragement and messages of support we have received. Thank you so very much for standing with us during this difficult time.

I'm sorry that I cannot, at this stage, report back to you on a successful transplant. But we understand that busy hospitals have many emergencies, which must take precedence.

Please continue to lift up Lenora and Christopher in prayer. They are understandably very disappointed.

We will keep you posted on the re-scheduling. You may want to visit Lenora’s blog at http://hamfam-lenora.blogspot.com/or email her at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength.

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission

Dr. Peter Hammond

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