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Your prayers for our son Christopher William Hammond will be much appreciated as we have only just been informed by the Red Cross Children’s Hospitals’ Paediatric Renal Clinic specialists that he is now at the point of needing a kidney transplant. 



He has begun to drastically lose kidney function, particularly as he is involved in his adolescent growth spurt.  Christopher was born 11 August 1995 and turns 13 this year.  He is under the growth curve both in height and weight.  His nine-year old brother is already taller.  Christopher has been remarkably healthy for a kidney patient, involved in sporting activities, and regularly climbs Table Mountain and Lions Head with the rest of the family. 


He has little appetite and we are very concerned about his lack of growth.  At the moment family members are all getting tests for kidney compatibility to see who may be the most suitable for donating a kidney to Christopher. The more compatible the donor, the less rejection medication will be needed. 


By God’s grace, I returned mid-March from a three-week 6,000 mile overland mission trip to Zambia.  Our youngest son, nine-year old Calvin, joined us for this mission.  He was an integral part of training school students in The Way of the Master and Evangelism Explosion Gospel presentations. 

May the Lord continue to bless, guide and strengthen you. 

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission 


Peter and Lenora Hammond

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