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 Dear Intercessors

The roads have been bad. Just before the Tanzanian border we encountered trailer problems. The strut mountings broke. We were able to have them welded in a local village. This problem occurred on all the struts over the next four days and we had to be quite innovative, using our rig webbing to keep the axels from falling off. We were able to nurse the truck to mountain villages where there was electricity and welding facilities. During these repairs we were able to share the Gospel and distribute many Gospel tracts to receptive people.

In passing through these villages it was glaringly obvious to see that many people were in bondage. Many of them have been crippled from birth. On one occasion we passed a man sitting in the heat of the midday sun, thin as a rake, with his legs crippled and out of shape, his right hand crippled as well. The compassion of our Lord came over us and we stopped and gave him a bottle of ice cold cool-drink from our cooler. We prayed for the man and as Peter and John did, we prayed “silver and gold have we none, but in the Name of Jesus Christ…”

The team is doing well redeeming the time, even on the road, with their noses in their laptops, tweaking and shaping their lectures for the Leadership Training courses in South Sudan, even as we negotiate pot hole filled roads.

The challenges ahead of us are the rivers. The rains are still pretty heavy here with electric storms like you have never seen before. Both last night, and the night before we spent camping in soaking rains. The recent ‘break downs’ have given us much practice, which I believe will stand us in good stead for the upcoming river crossing challenges.

Thank you for your prayers of faith. Thank you for your support. We pray for the day that you can experience what we have on this Mission, thus far.

Finally, we thank God for His provision, His Protection, His Word, His Spirit and His Love as we walk with Him now, and in the days, weeks and months that lie ahead.

Always in His Service and Grip

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