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The Urgent Need

We had wanted our mission teams to already be on their way to deliver desperately needed materials to South Sudan, but a crippling shortage of funds is delaying their departure. The teams are ready, the materials are ready, but some of our vehicles still need vital equipment for the long and arduous journey across extremely difficult terrain. To cross rivers where the bridges have been blown up requires each of our vehicles to have snorkels fitted for their engines to breathe while under water. Winches are needed to pull vehicles out of mud and flooded rivers. Extra springs are essential for the heavy loads and rough roads. Extra fuel tanks are needed for travelling in areas where fuel is unavailable. We also need another 4WD trailer to transport up all the great evangelistic and discipleship leadership training materials.

River Crossings

We had hoped to send three vehicles overland to Sudan. At this stage we do not yet have the funds to send even one vehicle alone. We believe that it is essential to have at least two vehicles working together to cross the rivers and overcome the severe terrain in these remote areas. Two vehicles are essential, for example during river crossings. One vehicle can remain on the bank linked by winch cable to the vehicle doing the crossing and, if necessary, winch it out. Similarly, once the first vehicle gets through it can help extricate the following vehicle.

Leadership Training

We have been invited to conduct Evangelism Explosion and Way of the Master Workshops, Biblical Worldview Seminars, God and Government Seminars and Discipleship Training Seminars in South Sudan. We stood with our brethren in South Sudan during the darkest years of persecution and conflict. It is absolutely vital, now that South Sudan is an Independent country, that we help them in laying solid Scriptural foundations for the future. The needs are urgent and the opportunities are unprecedented.

Essential Supplies for Discipling a Nation

Since 1995, I have trained over 70 chaplains, 50 medics, 280 pastors and 780 teachers in South Sudan. These leaders need re-supplying with textbooks, hand books and other discipleship and evangelistic materials. Our wide range of audio visual materials for film evangelists and chaplains and mega voice recorders, MP3 Sabres and Gospel Proclaimers can empower evangelists to more effectively evangelise the 27 language groups in South Sudan.

Desperate Situation

Despite all the dedication, sacrifices and energetic productivity of our mission staff and field workers, numerous vital projects are being delayed and undermined by a continuous shortage of financial support. This is affecting almost every aspect of the mission and we would be grateful for your earnest prayers at this critical time. For a long time our Mission has been struggling to fund some even basic operations. My family struggles from month to month to even settle educational and medical bills.

Strategic Missions Opportunity

We are continually doing everything we can to cut costs and save money without compromising the integrity and efficiency of the mission. We believe that it is necessary to inform you, our friends and prayer partners, that there are time sensitive opportunities open to us right now which are suffering, merely for lack of adequate resources. If your church is interested in investing in the discipleship of South Sudan, please inform them of this strategic upcoming mission to Sudan.

Book Projects

We also have major new books ready for printing: Victorious Christians Who Changed the World and Answering Skeptics have been designed to provide inspiration and practical help in evangelism and discipleship. We are only awaiting sufficient funds to enable us to send these books to the printer, and then they can be made available for pastors, teachers and evangelists throughout Africa.

Prayer and Action

If there is anything you can do to mobilise more prayer for our Mission and for the people whom we serve, or anything you can do to forward our e-updates wider, or distribute our Frontline Fellowship News, or make our books and audio visual materials better known and more widely available, we would be most grateful.


We refused to be deterred by the dangers, diseases and risks involved in ministering in restricted access areas in Africa. We are trusting in God alone for His provision, protection, guidance and blessing. We recognise that we are involved in spiritual warfare.

Mobilise Prayer for South Sudan

Please mobilise your congregation and prayer fellowship to urgently intercede for South Sudan and for the resources needed to send out our mission teams to carry out this vitally important mission to South Sudan.

Video to View

You can view a video clip on Frontline’s mission to Sudan online. Click here

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Thank You

We are most grateful for your prayers, encouragement and support.

May the Lord continue to be your joy and strength.

Yours for the fulfillment of the Great Commission

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