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Apparently Rev. Terry Jones is bent on burning books this Saturday, 9/11, while his little Florida flock looks on. This is not a good idea, nor is it even common sense. In areas where there is inflammable or explosive material we see "No Smoking" signs. That warning is common sense. There is perhaps no area on earth today more inflammable or potentially explosive than the Muslim world. Why strike a match in a highly combustible environment? Everyone, from General Petraeus to the Pope, has registered a reasonable objection to this pyrotechnic nonsense.

Read the Koran; it's the best cure I know for insomnia. If you're not snoring away after the first sûrah you're not up to speed with recognizing inconsistency and contradiction. The Koran is full of them, which is not surprising when you consider that it was written by one man over a period of around 22 years. Compared with our Bible, written over a period of approximately 1,500 years by some 40 different men inspired by God, the Koran doesn't hold a candle - much less give any light. Why light it artificially at a Church bar-BQ?

Burning the Koran is pointless. Read it and then you can deal with the errors intelligently. Burning the Koran is an affront to the Bible's cherished Golden Rule. For a Christian to burn the Koran is to sink to a Muslim level of mindless destruction. It is unnecessary, unwarranted and in my view, unchristian.

I've read and studied large portions of the Koran and am painstakingly wading through the rest. Every time, I come away with a much greater appreciation and love for the Holy Bible - the living Word of God. I think I'm safe in saying that more Christians have read the Koran than there are Muslims who have read the Bible. When you have read both, you know there is no comparison.

The Koran will eventually perish on its own, without any help from brother Jones. "Heaven and Earth will pass away," Jesus said, "but My words will by no means pass away." Burning the Koran in not in line with our Lord's command to " your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you." The apostle Paul (quoting Isaiah) told us to feed our enemies and give them something to drink, "for in so doing you will heap coals of fire on his head." Maybe that's where the Joneses got the idea to cook the Koran.

To burn their Koran will only ignite the fires of their ignorant indignation. It will also detonate incendiary persecution of our fellow Christians seeking to survive underground in the Muslim world. It is an ill-advised idea that serves no useful purpose other than to provide Pastor Jones with his 15 minutes of fame. The negative consequences on Christians living in the 10-40 Window will last a lot longer. Jones doesn't have to live with the consequences of his folly. They do. In my view that's immoral and irresponsible.
Yours in His grip,

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