18 July 2005

A minister in Cape Town has been told that he is “worthy of death, not by stoning, but to be cut up piece by piece”.

Dr Peter Hammond has been threatened in a fax that the “Fatwa will come for him”. The fax (sent from a company fax machine in Johannesburg – see details below) attacks an article by Hammond, “The End of Islam – By God's grace, we are living in momentous times, which could be the beginning of the end of Islam.”

The following is a text copy of the death threat (spelling and grammar are as contained in the fax). `It is very sad to read about how people of your caliber can defame and ridicule the only pure religion of GOD ALMIGHTY, namely ISLAM.  Sick perverts like yourself should be eliminated from the face of this earth.  You have the odessity to insult 2 billion adherents to this mighty and great religion, the perfect and final religion of the ALMIGHTY.  If you and your concogtion of lies, think that you can ridicule the last and final prophet of god, namely the HOLY prophet MUHAMMAD (peace be upon him) without retribution from just one person of the 2 billion plus muslim men and woman on the face of this earth, then you must think again.  The Fatwa will definitely come for you, sooner or later you will meet your real MAKER.  You are worthy of death, not by stoning, but to be cut up piece by piece, and your remains given to dogs and hyenas, You are frustrated and wicked, so get yourself a young boy, and f*&# the living daylight out of him, your religion condones such practices, because your so-called priest does this every day, these sick perverts are the real devils worshippers.  God in his honourarity never sanctioned earthly judges to preside over wickedness or correctness of other religions on His behalf.  Lost are people like you at this time in history of the universe and human existence.  Remember that we are a non profit nor business making religion like you do.  Bow down and hide your face with your hands and say God forgive me allover what I said before your Eyes. Your religion is distinct and outdated.  You are the the real terrorist, hijackers, rapist, woman abusers, perverts, and hypocrites of all time, Islam is coming to destroy this evil, we will show the true believers the only way to the one and TRUE GOD.  My task is not to attack or redicule CHRISTIANITY but to instill my respect for it, like other religions.  YOU CEASE TO BE A REAL AMBASSADOR AND AGENT OF God but a saint of Lucipher.  Go Burn in Helli LONG LIVE ISLAM, AMANDLA ISLAM’

 This is sent from a company fax machine (011 615 1509) in Johannesburg from a company registered as `Bahlodi and Associates’.

To see full documentation, go to CFT’s website:, “Latest Information”.

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