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Volume 2 1990

Revolution and repression, tyranny and terrorism are an integral part of the Muslim! Arab world.
Between 1948 and 1985 the Arab world suffered 54 successful revolutions and at least 65 unsuccessful revolutions. Only one of the 21 Arab states — Lebanon — could, at one time, be considered a democracy. Virtually all the others have one party systems, usually dominated by the armed forces.
Just as revolutions have been the most prevalent means of attaining power in the Arab world, so too assassinations have been the most accepted means of political expression. Between 1948 and 1985—30 Heads of State were murdered. In addition more than 70 other major political assassinations and uncountable unsuccessful attempts were recorded in those 26 years.
As far as diplomatic relations between Arab states go — there were 22 inter — Arab wars and civil wars between 1948 and 1985. Some had elements of racial and religious strife as in Sudan, and Lebanon. But most were simply struggles for power. In the Yemen civil war, Egypt used poison gas against Yemeni tribesmen, just as Iraq has used chemical warfare against its Kurdish tribesmen. And on 44 separate occasions Arab governments broke off relations with Arab sister states and in another 5 cases relations were suspended.
And oil isn’t the only major export of the Arab world. Terrorism has become a major growth industry of Libya, Syria, Iran, Iraq, South Yemen and the Palestinians (amongst others). Blowing up international aircraft, seizing hostages, ransacking embassies, murdering defenseless civilians and planting bombs in public places have become routine activities for Islamic terrorists. In this they are frequently assisted by certain Middle Eastern Embassies and their diplomatic pouches. The Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) alone admits to having carried out 10000 terrorist operations between 1967 and 1980, including over 200 major incidents of terror against targets and countries other than Israel. (“The PLO Connections”, Dr John Lappin) The Soviet-backed PLO has trained tens of thousands of terrorists from all regions of the world in its camps in Lebanon, Syria, Algeria, Iraq, Libya and South Yemen. (Centre for Strategic and International Studies). As veteran Egyptian journalist Mustafa Amin wrote in the “Middle East Times”:

“All the woes of the Arab world are due to absence of democracy, freedom and human rights... If there were human rights there would have been no torture, murder and extermination in Musim prisons. If there were democracy in the Arab world there would be no difference among the Arab countries.”

[ further information on this topic — obtain “The Arab Mind” by Dr John Laffin, Pickwick Books, 1988.1

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