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 With the help of Red China, Sudan has built three new weapons factories near Khartoum to manufacture weapons and ammunition. Reportedly these factories have been financed by Sudan’s oil revenues. The report by British and Canadian organisations noted that the Sudan government received over $500 million a year from the Chinese and Canadian oil companies. The report concluded that: “oil revenues received by the government are linked to increases in military expenditure.” (World Tribune)


Cheryllyn Dudly, MP for the African Christian Democratic Party introduced this Notice of Motion in the National Assembly on 14 July:

“Notes that despite assurances from the Government of Sudan that they would cease air attacks against the Christian South, the National Islamic Front government has unleashed waves of artillery bombardments against Christian villages in the Nuba Mountains;

“Further notes that reports confirm that since the 24 May, Sudanese government forces have subjected the beleaguered Christians in the Nuba Mountains to massive on-going bombardment and military attack. Many villages have been burned and many people have been killed. Communities, churches and schools are under attack and in the gravest danger;

"Commends Frontline Fellowship who have sent 5 teams to help in Sudan this year alone despite their mission base and high school being bombed 9 times in the last 14 months;

“Calls on government to put pressure on the Government of Sudan to stop waging war against their own citizens.”

Mr. Kent Durr MP of the National Council of Provinces condemned the Sudanese government announcement that they were resuming air strikes against the Christian South.

Mr. Durr had said that after the Sudanese government announced a halt to air strikes on the 24th of May, there had been at least eleven well documented aerial attacks on civilians during the so called halt. In Acumcum, Adet (twice), Bararud, Lumon, Marial Bai, Nyamlell, Tonj (twice) and Yabus, displacing 57 000 people.


Notice has been served to Frontline Fellowship that it’s mission house may no longer be used. The municipal authorities have refused requests for a departure to the zoning regulations which forbid administrative work being conducted in a residential area. Even though Frontline Fellowship has rented the present house as its mission headquarters for 7½ years, without any outward signs that it is in fact a mission house and office and the landowner expressed his appreciation of what model tenants the mission had been, landscaping the garden, repairing, painting and improving the buildings and always being prompt in every obligation, the municipality has moved swiftly to evict the mission.

This is only the latest in a series of harassments of Frontline Fellowship. For 5 years the Inland Revenue Service has scrutinised the financial records of FF and required extraordinary affidavits and audits - without finding anything irregular to justify their excessive attention.

As a result of the eviction, the mission is now seeking to purchase a more suitable house for the missionary headquarters. Please do pray for us as we have made an offer on an ideal property (which would include more accommodation for staff and room for expansion) and as we need to raise sufficient funds to purchase it. With all the seminars, publishing deadlines and field trips coming up an office move is going to be disruptive - but unavoidable. At the same time we are purchasing property in Zambia and beginning building for our permanent mission base and Bible College there.

"Enlarge the place of your tent, and let them stretch out the curtains of your dwellings, do not spare; lengthen your cords, and strengthen your stakes. For you shall expand to the right and to the left ..." Isaiah 54: 2-3

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