Articles - Political & Social Issues
1 Confronting Communists with The Gospel
2 Why Born Again Christians Oppose the Papacy?
5 Britain and Germany - The Best of Enemies
6 Into the Valley of Death Rode the Six Hundred
7 Crisis in Crimea
8 Brest-Litovsk and the Present Day Boundaries of Eastern Europe
9 Surprising Facts About the First World War
10 Ascension Day and its Implications for Today
11 Switzerland's Strategy for Survival
12 Who Won the War and Who Initiated the Peace?
13 Crisis in Crimea
14 Body Piercing - A Return to Paganism
15 The Battle for the Mind in News Media
16 How Propaganda Changes Perceptions and People
17 Dealing with Deceit
18 The Mandela Industry
19 Mass Marketing the Mandela Myth
20 Mandela Day and the Making of a New Religion
21 Making Idols of Modern Men and Myths
22 Idols for Destruction
23 The Myth of Neutrality
24 America in Crisis
25 An American Perspective on the War in Syria
26 Does Africa Care?
27 The Curse of Cowardice
28 A Warning to America from Russia
29 Does Your Calendar Reflect Your Faith?
30 9 May is Ascension Day
31 18 April - Martin Luther's Date with Destiny
32 Beware Lest Anyone Cheat You
33 A MODERN IDOL - The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr.
35 Jesus Christ Changed the World
36 A Christian Response to the American Elections
37 War Against Worldliness
38 How the New World Order is Hijacking Civilisation
39 Resisting Babylon and The Beast
40 Guilt Manipulation vs Real Repentance
41 Humanists Are Hypocrites
42 The Greatest Killer
43 The Worst Hypocrites in History
44 A Christian Response to Xenophobia
45 Winning the World War of Worldviews
46 Universerties: Hijacking our Youth
47 The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe of the First World War
48 The Cold War and the Iron Curtain
49 Droughts, Tsunami's and God
50 A World War of Worldviews
51 Arguing with an Abortionist
52 Peace in Sudan
53 From Communist Chaos to Christ in The Congo
54 Chinese Arms in Africa
55 Zimbabwe's Man-Made Famine
56 Zimbabweans Reject Mugabe
57 Cries for Help from Zimbabwe
58 Zimbabwe - a Lesson in How to Destroy Christian Civilisation
59 Blasphemy Debate at University of Cape Town
60 National Repentance
61 The Battle for South Africa
62 The Difference Between True and False Guilt
63 Glamourising a Mass Murderer
64 Death by Government
65 Russia Strengthens Strategic Relationships with South Africa
66 Challenges Confronting Africa
67 The Urgent Need for Reformation Today
68 Do Christians Care?
69 How to Destroy Christian Civilisation
70 Hope for Africa
71 Gospel Defence League Oct/Nov/Dec 2011
72 Rediscovering the Christian Work Ethic
73 Poverty - It's Causes and Cure
74 Over A Million Reasons Why I Will Not Be Voting ANC
75 The Criminalization of South Africa
76 Listen to the Children
77 National Day of Repentance
78 Getting Away with Murder
79 Mugabe Clamps down on Prayer
80 The Journalist's Agenda
81 Dealing with Pathological Antagonists
82 Education Crisis
83 Africa - The Challenge
84 A Biblical Response to Crime UNITED CHRISTIAN ACTION
85 Being Prepared
86 A Biblical Response to Slander
87 Christians Can Change This World
88 Threats to Ban Christian Book in South Africa
89 In the Lion's Den for the World's Greatest Revolutionary
90 Libel Against Luther
91 FirePower and Faith
92 How the Reformation Changed the World
93 Communist Liberation - Myth & Reality
94 Reformation and Resistance
95 Murder in SOUTH AFRICA: a comparison of past and present
96 Zambian Police Free 280 Children from Islamic School
97 Zimbabwe’s Killing Fields
98 The World's Greatest Revolutionary
99 The National Suicide of the Xhosa
100 Biblical Principles for Government
101 Compulsory State Education for All
102 Frontline Newsletter: Uprooting Terrorism
103 Racism, Slavery & Terrorism
104 When Authority is Abused
105 Envy and Covetousness
106 Perpetual Revolution
107 Self-Made Religion
108 God's Law or Chaos
109 The Black Book of Communism
110 The Death of Justice
111 Slave Redemption in Sudan
112 The War Against Our Children
113 The Threat to Our Children
114 The French Revolution
115 Transformation in the Bible
116 Should Christians be involved in Politics?
117 Why Did Christianity Die Out in Northern Sudan?
118 Media Disinformation
119 In Conversation with SWAPO Terrorists
120 Profiting from Poverty
121 Can We Trust the Media?
122 The Christian Liberation of Women
123 Is Communism Really Dead?
124 Guilt Manipulation
125 The Scourge of Slavery - The Rest of the Story
126 Is America following France?
127 A New 'Gospel', a Different Church a Strange God
128 When Natural Disasters Hit
129 Hollywood, Humanism and History
131 Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World
132 Racism, Xenophobia and Hate Speech
133 The World's Greatest Revolutionary
134 Mizpah Declaration
135 IDOP Video Gallery
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