1 REVIEWS of The Greatest Century of Missions
2 Promoting Racism and Intolerance in the Name of Combatting Racism and Intolerance
3 GOING ON New Book by Bill Bathman
4 GOING THROUGH is now available as an E-book
6 Pray for Japan
7 Historic Milestones
8 Perverted US Agenda Destabilises Nigeria
9 The Battle Over the Rhodes Statue
10 Wildfires in Cape Town
11 Muslims attack churches in Cameroon
12 Churches Looted and Burned in Niger
13 Christians Under Fire in Africa
14 Nuba Christians Threatened by New Offensive
15 Soldiers for Christ
16 25 Years After the Fall of the Berlin Wall
17 The Cold War and the Iron Curtain
18 Churches Under Fire in Nigeria
19 31 October is Reformation Day
20 TRIBUTE to Dr. Ian Paisley
21 Faith Under Fire in Sudan Now Available as an E-Book
22 Air Malaysia Shoot-Down and Selective Outrage
23 Assassination in Sarajevo
24 A Winnable War – Defeating the Porndemic
25 Eight Years of JOY! Magazine
26 Strife in South Sudan
27 Slavery, Terrorism & Islam Now Available as an E-Book
28 Evangelists Conference
29 Reformation FIRE Conference in Franschhoek
30 The Franschhoek Declaration - 30 Oct 2013
31 Evangelism Explosion in Cape Town
32 Fraud, Failure and Farce in Zimbabwe
33 Zimbabweans Outraged at Stolen Election
34 Zimbabwe at the Crossroads
35 Literature for Africa
36 Sudan Closes Schools, Confiscates Property & Expels Foreign Christians
37 Egyptian Uprising
38 Obama Faces Opposition in Africa
39 Reign of Terror in Central African Republic
40 Coalition on Revival Resources for Reformation
41 Jihad Against Christians in Nigeria
42 Jihad Against Christians in Africa
43 Christians Under Attack
44 Biblical Principles for Africa is now Available as an E-Book
45 Reforming Our Families now Available as an E-Book
46 The Apostles Creed is now Available as an E-Book
47 Victorious Christians is now Available as an E-Book
48 Practical Discipleship is now Available as an E-Book
49 The Power of Prayer Handbook is now Available as an E-Book
50 Remember Rhodesia - Pray For Zimbabwe
51 Great Commission Course 4 - 23 January 2013
52 Sudan Declares War on South Sudan
53 UN Fails to Protect Refugees from Massacre
54 Nigeria Update-Another Church Attacked
55 Media Expert Responds to the Joker Massacre at Dark Knight Screening
56 Nigeria Update-Christians Targeted
57 The Battle for the Soul of Nigeria
58 Islamic Jihad Against Christianity in Africa
59 Happy 236th Birthday America
60 The Arab Spring Turns Out to be More of a Bitter Winter
61 Evicted Farmers Continue to Feed Zimbabwe
62 Sudan Government Destroys Churches and Attacks Bible College in Khartoum
63 Crimes Against Humanity in Zimbabwe
64 Bombing of Churches in Nigeria Intensifies
65 Hostility to Christianity in Europe
66 What is Behind the Jihad in Nigeria?
67 Pray for Christians Under Fire in Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia
68 Violence Continues Against MDC
69 The Church Under Attack in Nigeria
70 Chinese Colonialism in Zimbabwe
71 Urgent Call for Prayer for Christians Under Fire in Africa
72 Power Failures in Zimbabwe
73 Celebrating 30 Years of God's Faithfulness - March 2012
74 Frontline Celebrates 30 Years of God's Protection
75 Persecution of Christians Increases
76 America Admits Misguided Policies on Mugabe
77 South Sudan Celebrates Successful Struggle for Secession
78 Christians Targeted in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan
79 Churches Bombed in Nigeria and Burned in Ethiopia
80 400th Anniversary of KJV Bible
81 60 Years in Missions
82 Middle East Aflame
83 What is Happening in the Middle East?
84 Freedom Vote for Southern Sudan
85 Southern Sudan Referendum on Secession
86 Mugabe's Blood Diamonds
87 Electoral Jihad in Sudan
88 Confronting Communists on Campus
89 Jihad Against Christianity
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