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Pic1Life in the Hammond Family is inextricably linked to the life and ministry of Frontline Fellowship. 2016 was no exception to this and saw the new year ushered in with the Great Commission Course. Every Camp and Course we host has its own unique flair, coloured by the participants coming from all around the Globe. Our children have grown up in and amongst these Camps and have formed friendships that have spanned the years. For us as parents, it is thrilling to see our own children and our son-in-law taking on leadership roles now. This too is varied and involves everything from audio recordings, filming, lectures, devotions, workshops and early morning physical training. After the conclusion of the Camp, the Course transition seamlessly begins with a Lions Head hike and the participants fill every available space in the Mission House, and spilling on to the lawns in Tents. After 3 weeks of intense and multi-faceted training, the Course concludes with a 10 hour hike up, along and down Table Mountain, much of it in the dark.
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