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Christmas Greetings to you and yours! What a privilege it is to ‘re-wind’, ‘re-focus’ and to give thanks to our Heavenly Father for all of His many blessings throughout this year. Thank you for your involvement in our lives, for your support and for sharing in our family and ministry with us. The Great Commission Camp and Course ushered in the month of January. This course, attended by participants from all over the world covers every mission subject from ‘world views’, ‘Dates with Destiny’, ‘how to make a difference’ to ‘hospitality and modesty’. The lectures, outreaches, discussion groups, night hikes and workshops make for a very busy three weeks, culminating in the night hike which takes us from Constantia Neck to the other side of Table Mountain. This year’s hike was on Peter’s 54th Birthday.

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Dear family and friends

Singing in Berlin

Last night, our daughter Daniela, as part of the Cape Town Youth Choir, sang in the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church (Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche). The original Lutheran church on this site was built in the 1890s. The foundation stone was laid 22 March 1891, which was Kaiser Wilhelm I's birthday. The church was designed in the Romanesque Revival style with a spire 113m (371 feet) high and seating over 2,000 people. The church was consecrated 1 September 1895. During the Second World War, on the night of 23 November 1943, the church was irreparably damaged in an air raid. The badly damaged spire of the old church has been retained and its ground floor has been made into a Memorial Hall. Daniela sang in the new cathedral next to the old spire in Berlin.

Europe Choir Tour

On Sunday, the Cape Town Youth Choir sang at the St. Thomas Becket Anglican Church in Hamburg. On Monday they sang at the Miralles Saal. Tonight they will be singing at the Church of St. Simon and Jude in Prague, then on to St. Martins Cathedral in Bratislava, and the Primatial Palaca.

World Choir Festival

Then the choir is off to the Choir Olympics in Riga, Latvia. There they are to sing at St. Peter's Church, at the Great Hall and at Sigulda Castle. The 8th World Choir Games is the world's largest choir competition, which brings together 15,000 choristers and 300 choirs from over 60 countries. They have been preparing for this event for well over a year, and we know this will be an experience of a life-time for Daniela!

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Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere is in the middle of summer heat. The fact that I have been living in South Africa for over 25 years, has not diminished the inevitable feeling that something is ‘not quite right’ with traditional Christmas 054decorations. Cape Town conjures up images of surfing, beaches and seashells. It invokes the feeling of summer holidays and barbeques. So once again, I find myself trying my best to create an atmosphere of Christmas in our home and Garden, whilst ignoring the sound of flip flops coming down our passage way!


Providentially, we know that we celebrate the Incarnation of Christ. We take comfort in the knowledge that God came to earth as man, in order to take our sins upon His shoulders. So no matter where we live, this central fact will always be at the heart of our celebrations.


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Dearest friends and family!

LHboatI always look forward to this time of the year, as it affords me the opportunity to look back and recall all that God has done in our family and ministry. Without the discipline of reflection on a regular basis, the many blessings our Heavenly Father bestows on us are all too easily forgotten! I trust that you all will take the time to write about your year…..and then send it out for us to enjoy! The many events and opportunities that have come our way this year are so numerous, but I will attempt to highlight a few.

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Dearest Friends!

What a privilege it is to catch up with one another at the end of each year. We enjoy reading updates from family and friends far and wide. When you read someone else's story, your own is always put in a fresh perspective!

Each of our family members has had 'new chapters' in their lives this year, and as we reflect upon the last year,
we are grateful to God for His many incredible provisions.

Andrea will tell her own story separately, but from my side, what a blessing it has been to have her on South African soil for the last 6 months! She and I have spent precious times walking together early morning every day, and she has even joined me in my Dragon Boat Paddling twice a week. The Breast Cancer Survivor Team, I paddle with, have adopted her on to our Boat, and have kept up to date on all the details leading up to the wedding.

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