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Prayer & Praise Update - Moving Mountains

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Dear Friends

Today we are moving mountains of Bibles and books. Just three weeks ago we received the joyful report from the field: "Jordan crossed!" signalling the successful delivery into Zimbabwe of over 30 tonnes of Bibles and Christian books. God's provision, protection and perfect timing were evident throughout the mission.


9781844678761 Communist-manifesto-5d593cc257a6ee04acc602854bbe603cIn his Manifesto of 1848, Karl Marx wrote: "The theory of the communists may be summed up in a single sentence: Abolition of private property." "You reproach us with intending to do away with your property. Precisely so: that is just what we intend."

Have We Adopted Marxist Ideas?

To this end, he advocated:

1.Abolition of property rights and application of all rents to the state.

2.A heavy progressive graduated income tax.

3.Abolition of all rights of inheritance by taxing inheritance.

4.Confiscation of the property of emigrants and all rebels to the state.

5.Centralisation of credit in banks of the state, by means of a national bank with an exclusive monopoly on money supply.

6.Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state.

7.Factories and instruments of production to be owned by the state; wilderness areas to be nationalised by the state.

8.Equal obligation of all to be put to work by the state.

9.Establishment of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

10.Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries; gradual abolition of all the distinction between town and country, by more equable distribution of the populous over the country.

11.Free and compulsory education for all children in state schools.

Kimberley, Kuruman and Zimbabwe

Prayer and Praise Update

Dear Friends


We praise God for the safe returns of our Mission teams and a series of successful seminars, services and shipments throughout Southern Africa.


Mission to Zimbabwe

Border crossings into Marxist Zimbabwe always present a challenge! Corruption, confusion and chaos create daunting obstacles that are frustrating, intimidating and time-wasting. Even after overcoming the bureaucratic obstacle course at the border, there are multiple roadblocks within the country. On this recent Mission, our team passed through over 50 police and army roadblocks!


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A term of terror in the Soviet Union, the KGB was the Committee for State Security of the Soviet Union. Initially it was named the Cheka (Emergency Committee) and founded 20 December 1917, by the instruction of Vladimir Lenin. The Cheka was established by Felix Dzerzhinsky. The Cheka was tasked by the Soviet Politburo with arresting, torturing and executing many tens-of-thousands of dissidents, deserters, reactionaries and counter revolutionaries.

NKVD and the GULAG

In 1922 the Cheka was renamed the NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs). The NKVD included the regular public police force of the USSR, including traffic police, border guards and archives. The NKVD is most notorious for running the GULAG forced labour camps, conducting mass extra-judicial executions, espionage, political assassinations and enforcing Stalinist policy within communist movements in other countries. GULAG was the acronym for Main Administration of Corrective Labour Camps.

Mission to Europe Launched the Reformation Society

Dr Hammond10 Years ago the Lord led me on an 11 nation Mission to Europe. This was my Report on that watershed event, which led to the establishing of The Reformation Society and Livingstone Fellowship.

Mission to Europe - 2005
This Mission to Europe was both heart-breaking and heart-warming. I travelled across a continent in decline and crisis. Secular Humanism with its materialism and unbelief is pervasive, and, in many surprising places, Islam is on the ascendancy. Yet I had the privilege of ministering in some of the brightest outposts of vibrant spiritual life and dynamic faith.

Crisis and Contrasts
While Europe has a dynamic and rich Christian heritage, most of its inhabitants today barely seem to give it a thought. Most Europeans seem to have forgotten or rejected their Christian heritage. Yet, I witnessed strongholds of Protestant Christianity and dynamic evangelistic churches as far afield as Northern Ireland and Romania.

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