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Rev. Bill Bathman




Delivered at the MEMORIAL SERVICE

at Village Chapel, Sunland East, Mesa, Arizona


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24 October 2002
Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship

Rev. I.E. 'Doc' Watson passed away in a hospital in Margate on Thursday, October 24th 2002. He was 79 years old.

'Doc' Watson was a tall man with a ready smile, a keen sense of humour and an unusual love and understanding of children. He was named 'Doc' after Sherlock Holmes's assistant, Doc Watson, while a soldier during the Second World War. 'Doc' began working in children's ministries immediately after his return from his military service in Italy in 1946.



1930 - 2007
Advisory Board Member of Frontline Fellowship

Dr. James Kennedy continues to be a tremendous example and inspiration to us in Africa. He was one of our best, most faithful and dependable friends. It constantly amazed us to see how such a busy and productive leader as Dr. Kennedy could still find time to be so thoughtful and helpful to small ministries and missions in Africa.

I first learnt about the ministry of Dr. James Kennedy as a brand new Christian. Having been brought up amidst the war in Rhodesia, I was converted to Christ in Cape Town, South Africa, Easter 1977. 




Soldier for Christ

Dr. Fritz Haus was a dynamic missionary, chaplain, pastor, theological professor and Reformer who devoted 60 years to ministry in South Africa.

Evangelism Explosion

The first time I saw Rev. Fritz Haus was in 1978. Rev. Roger Volk was conducting an Evangelism Explosion clinic at Meadowridge Baptist Church and I remember being impressed by the evangelistic zeal, spiritual intensity and graciousness of Rev. Haus.



 December 2010

In December word reached our mission that our beloved brother, partner and Advisory Board Member, Bishop Bullen Dolli had died.

Bishop of Moruland

Bishop Bullen Dolli was the first Bishop of the Episcopal Church of Sudan to be enthroned in the liberated Sudan. When he wrote the Foreword to our re-print of The Doctor Comes to Lui book in 2000, Bullen Dolli was Bishop of the Diocese of Mundri and Lui. The Episcopal Church in Sudan in Moruland at that time consisted of two Dioceses, 6 Archdeaconries, 6 rural deaneries, 20 parishes and 80 congregations.


1966 - 1994
Frontline Fellowship Missionary died in the Service of Christ

Soldier, game ranger and missionary
In the early morning mist of 14 December 1994, Frontline Fellowship field worker, Anthony Duncan, was killed in a head-on collision.

Anthony was returning back from a long, difficult and dangerous mission to five countries. Anthony had been part of a Frontline Fellowship mission team that had successfully delivered a ton of desperately needed medicines and Bibles into war-torn Angola. Despite an ambush and arrest at the Namibian border with Angola, which maintained a shoot-on sight policy to enforce the United Nations blockade on Unita-controlled “Free Angola”,...



Advisory Board Member of Frontline Fellowship 


Pioneer Missionary Rev. Arthur Lewis ended his most productive earthly life at age 89.

Arthur Roland Lewis was born in Kingsley, Cheshire, England. When he was 8 years old his family moved to Solihull. By age 19 Arthur Lewis was convinced that he was called to be a missionary. He studied at Oxford University where his lecturers included J.R.R.Tolkien and C.S. Lewis.

University Mission
Ordained at the youngest possible age, he joined the Church of England’s University Mission to Central Africa ......


Dr. Ian Paisley was one of the most consistently courageous and principled Protestants who changed history during a time of tremendous apostasy.


Outstanding Champion of the Faith

The times of fellowship over the meal tables with Dr. Ian Paisley were vibrant and inspiring. Dr. Ian Paisley was one of the most colourful and formidable champions of the Protestant Faith of the 20th century. He had an unusually retentive memory, a fast mind and a tremendous sense of humour. His breadth of knowledge and mental speed placed him far above all others.



2 June 2011
President Christians For Truth 

Our good friend, KwaSizabantu Missionary and Co-worker, the President of Christians For Truth, Rev. Fano Sibisi is now with the Lord.

Ascension Day
On Ascension Day, 2 June 2011, Fano Sibisi ended his long struggle with the debilitating Motor Neuron Disease, which gradually took from him all physical abilities. Yet, despite his ever weakening body, Fano remained and grew spiritually stronger. Along with the Apostle Paul, he could say: “Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2 Corinthians 12:10


28 September 2001

On 28 September 2001, Ingrid Eva Hammond passed from this life into the next. She was the mother of two sons, Derek and Peter; and the grandmother of six children, three boys and 3 girls: Timothy, Lauren, Andrea, Daniela, Christopher and Calvin.

Ingrid Hammond was born and brought up in Berlin. She survived the mass bombing raids of the Second World War. She was at the Berlin circus on the night of the first bombing raid, and was knocked to the ground and almost trampled by the stampede of people and animals seeking to escape the explosions. My mother told me of how she would sometimes go out after bombing raids and collect pieces of shrapnel. 


18 July 2002

I was once blind but now I see”

Brent Noebel, the son of Dr. David & Alice Noebel, went to be with the Lord on Thursday, July 18th 2002. 

We grieve for the loss of a beloved friend. But by God’s grace, we do not grieve as those who have no hope. In fact, at about the very time that Brent was passing into eternity, at 10:00pm our time here in Cape Town, on Thursday, July 18th at the Great Commission Camp, we all stood to sing Amazing Grace. I can never sing Amazing Grace without thinking of Brent and his love for that great Hymn. The staff, who were left at our office, sang it the next morning – Friday morning – without knowing that Brent would be singing that himself in the presence of the Lord at that time. 

Brent was a good friend and a great inspiration.


1914 - 2012

The life of Bill McDougall is a tremendous challenge of steadfast Evangelistic zeal and compassion for the poor and needy. In the early part of my adventure of Discipleship, God used Bill McDougall to challenge and train me in ministry in old age homes and to some of the most poor, needy and neglected people in our society. We would complete six, or more, church services in the local old age homes, before making it to the morning service at Pinelands Baptist Church.


Bishop Stephen Bradley

2nd July 2003

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." 2 Timothy 4:7

Bishop Stephen Bradley was an evangelist and church planter of extra-ordinary dedication and perseverance. He was a founder of Youth For Christ in South Africa and the primary human instrument in building up the Church of England in South Africa as a Gospel preaching, Bible-loving denomination.

On 2 July 2003, Bishop Bradley passed into eternity - at age 94. At his Memorial Service at St Peter's in Fish Hoek on 8 July, hundreds gathered to salute this faithful and courageous man of God.


 1929 - 2009

Auntie Phyllis was born Phyllis May Cooper in Boksburg, 10 June 1929. Her father passed away when she was only 18 months. With her sister, Mona Winifred, Phyllis was placed in an orphanage, Hope Home, in Johannesburg. Her mother worked two jobs to support the girls and brought them home over weekends and they also spent a lot of time with family

While at school Phyllis helped out working at an uncle’s coffee shop. She finished her schooling early, as it was necessary for her to work. Her mother approached the bank manager and told him, “My daughter needs a job!” Phyllis started work at the bank the very next day!

Later when working at a jewellery company, Phyllis met Richard Laing (Dick) who worked at an insurance firm. They married, bought a house and Phyllis ......


 1943 - 2007

Today we have gathered in honour and memory of Kathleen Anne Kirsch.

Kath was energetic, vibrant, creative, intelligent and immaculate. Like Vanessa I am proud that Kath is our sister.

Like Vanessa I was delighted to discover that I had another sister. It was 22 years ago (1984) that I first met my sister Kath. We had a wonderful time as I showed Kath, and my niece Debbie, around Cape Town. I believe it was the first time Kath had ridden on a motorbike – and the last time apparently as well! We went up Table Mountain, rode around the Cape Peninsula and I gave Kath a hike through a little river in Kirstenbosch.


1919 - 2007
Prime Minister of Rhodesia 

 The courageous Prime Minister of Rhodesia (from 1964-1979) died peacefully of natural causes at St. James, near Cape Town, in South Africa.


Born on 8 April 1919 in rural Rhodesia, Ian Smith was the third child and only son of John and Agnes Smith, both later awarded MBE’s for Public Service. A gifted sportsman, Ian Smith was educated at Chaplin High School, Gwelo, and at Rhodes University, in Grahamstown, South Africa.


8 August 2009

On Saturday, 8 August 2009, Mrs Ingrid Pickard went to be with the Lord. She was 75 years old.

When I visited her just over a week ago, in the Somerset West Medi-Clinic Intensive Care ward, her main concern was for other people. She wanted me to bring more evangelistic literature and JOY! Magazines to distribute to other patients and hospital staff.

On each visit, as we prayed together, her concerns were for her children and grandchildren, other family members and friends, for the Church, for the country and for the Kingdom of God.


 12 October 2009

Chris and Tracey Klicka and their children have been an inspiration and encouragement to home schoolers worldwide. The first time I met Chris he was running with his suit bag to catch a flight to his next speaking engagement.

I have always been impressed with the energy, integrity and vision of Chris Klicka. He has been a tireless advocate and campaigner for the liberties of home schooling families worldwide. In literally thousands of legal conflicts he has worked for the freedoms which many hundreds of thousands of home schooling families benefit from to this day.

A Tribute to Baroness Margaret Thatcher - The Iron Lady

1925 -2013

Margaret Thatcher was one of the most extraordinary and successful leaders in British history. As the first female prime minister in Europe, Margaret Thatcher embodied principled decisiveness and moral absolutism. She championed the rights of the individual versus those of the state. In 1987, she famously declared: "There is no such thing as society!"


The Soviet press nicknamed her The Iron Lady, after her 1976 speech as head of the Conservative Party, declaring that: "The Russians are bent on world domination." Margaret Thatcher later enjoyed a close working relationship with American President Ronald Reagan, and both of them survived assassination attempts.



 4 November 2002

Dr. Edward Cain, a founder member of United Christian Action, and for many years its President, died on 4 November 2002. His funeral was held at Pretoria East Cemetery yesterday, 13 November. This was followed by a Memorial Service in celebration of his life at Central Baptist Church in Pretoria.

Tributes to Dr. Ed Cain from all over the world, including from Switzerland, England, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and from all over South Africa and America were read out at the Memorial service. Hundreds of Christian friends from all races, language groups and Church backgrounds attended the service. Some travelled up from as far afield as KwaZulu and Cape Town.

Dr. Ed Cain was described at the Memorial Service as:

“One of the foremost experts on Liberation Theology in the world”;
“A serious thorn in the flesh to liberation theologians as he exposed their false teaching”;



21 May 2005
Founder of Hospital Christian Fellowship

On 21 May 2005, Francis Grim, the Founder and President of Hospital Christian Fellowship (nowHealthcare Christian Fellowship International) died peacefully at age 92. For over 60 years Francis Grim proclaimed the Gospel and established missions in over 110 countries.

In 1936, Francis Grim, then a Christian businessman, daily visited his elderly father in a local hospital. During those visits he noticed that the patients’ physical needs were well taken care of, but their spiritual needs were largely ignored. As Francis Grim regularly proclaimed: “more people pass through the hospitals of the world than through the churches.”


 1941 - 2011

Dr. Martin Holdt , senior pastor of Constantia Park Baptist Church in Pretoria, completed his time of ministry here on earth and was promoted to Heaven on Saturday, 31 December 2011.

Martin Holdt was one of South Africa’s most dynamic prayer warriors and Gospel preachers. On 25 December, he preached at a church plant. On Tuesday, 27 th December, he underwent medical tests and was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic and liver cancer. On Saturday morning, 31 st December, he went into a coma and went to be with the Lord in the last hours of 2011.

Martin Holdt was converted at age 19, and was soon called to the ministry. After studying at Baptist Theological College in Parktown , Johannesburg, he embraced the doctrines of Grace and for more than four decades served ...


1934 - 2011

Dr. Francis Nigel Lee entered eternity on Friday, 23 December 2011. On 5 December, he celebrated his 77th birthday and two days later, 48 years of marriage with his wife, Nellie.

Academic Achievements

Dr. Francis Nigel Lee stands out in so many ways. Professor, Doctor, Advocate, Rev. Francis Nigel Lee lived on four continents, mastered seven languages and visited 88 countries. He was a most serious scholar, accomplished linguist and dedicated Theologian. Francis Nigel Lee was quite possibly the most academically accomplished and degreed person in the world. Certainly I know of no one else who had more doctorates and more degrees than Francis Nigel Lee. He had far more letters after his name than in them. His letters included: Ph.D., Th.D., D.Phil., D.Min. , D.Ed., L.L.D., Dr.Sac.Th .,


22 May 2002
Advisory Board Member of Frontline Fellowship 

Home Schooling pioneer and Reformer, Dr. Paul Lindstrom went to be with the Lord on Wednesday 22 May 2002. He had been suffering from liver cancer Pastor Paul was 62 years old and is survived by his wife, 2 sons, 2 daughters and 17 grandchildren. As a mission, we grieve for the loss to the Lindstrom family of a beloved husband, father and grandfather. We grieve for the loss to the Church of Christian Liberty of its Founding Pastor, who has led it for 38 years. We grieve for the loss to the Home Schooling Movement of a great pioneer who courageously fought for the hard-won, parental freedoms in many a court battle. 

We grieve for the loss to the Body of Christ worldwide of a great Reformer whose missionary vision brought great blessings to many tens of thousands.


– A Hero of the Persecuted Church in Romania

It was in the mid-1960s when, after climbing the 56 steps to his tiny apartment in Deva, I first met Dr. Nick. My earliest memories of him were two-fold: respect for his zeal and passion for witnessing and winning souls to Jesus Christ, and awe that he was Romania’s premier Endocrinologist.

Choose Between Christ or Your Career

Dr. Nick will always be remembered for his courage in standing firm against the communist authorities. When they came to his office at the hospital in Deva and issued the intimidating ultimatum: "We give you 30 days. You must choose between your Christ and your career." his response was: "I don't need 30 days, or 30 hours, or 30 seconds. If I must choose between my career and my Saviour, I choose Jesus Christ!"

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