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During recent years, many churches have grown complacent, disobedient to Scripture, irrelevant, and accommodating of evil. 

A Need for Courage

Many churches and Christians lack the courage to stand up for God’s honour and the Bible’s Truth to confront evil, injustice and falsehood - for fear of losing popularity and financial security. 

Reformation and Evangelism

The Reformation Society and the Fellowship for International Reformation and Evangelism (FIRE) have partnered to host a Reformation FIRE Conference in Wittenberg in 2017. 

Reclaim Africa for Christ

The purpose for this conference, and why we call it “Reclaiming Africa for Christ”, is that after much prayer and wise counsel, we came to this conclusion: We desperately want God to bless our country, but we cannot expect a Holy God to bless those who are in rebellion to His Laws. As in the days of the Reformers in the 16th century, we are facing internal and external threats: 

Recognising the Threats

Internally we are facing a renaissance of paganism.
Externally we are facing increasingly aggressive radical Islamic Jihad.
Many churches have been hijacked by humanism.
Theistic Evolution (“God used evolution”) is uncritically accepted by many.
The Scriptures are twisted to promote a “Health and Wealth” prosperity cult to tell people what they want to hear.
There is a neglect of prayer, little fear of God, and shocking ignorance of basic Biblical doctrine.
Many Christians are ignorant of history and have a very superficial grasp of Scripture.
Many Christians are compromising, cowardly and ineffective.
Many Christians are in defeat and in retreat in the face of a resurgent paganism, pervasive humanism and Islamic radicalism.
Many Christians believe grace frees them from obedience to God’s Law and salvation is given even to those who do not want to repent and who revel in their sins.
Many Christians believe in egalitarianism.
Many Christians believe in an “emergency god”, whose only desire is for us to be happy and get to heaven.
Many Christians have made it their goal in life to simply be happy and to feel good about themselves.
Many Christians are brainwashed through secular humanist education, worldly entertainment, and are deceived by the secular news media.
Many Christians, especially youth, embrace worldly entertainment, degenerate music, body piercings and tattoos.
Many churches are filled with weak, worldly, lukewarm and inactive members.
Many churches are increasingly conformed to the world.
Many churches strive to be affirming, popular and non-threatening.
Many churches are neutralized by an eschatology of defeat and retreat, and escapism. Many churches are self-centred, materialistic, superficial, sensational and self-indulgent.
Most of us have been impacted by the secularization of education, entertainment and the news media.
Many sermons are sentimental, trivial, and irrelevant because of pragmatism, consumerism, positive thinking, and materialism.
Many churches are distracted from fulfilling the Great Commission by an “end-times” obsession.
Instead of the church changing the world, in all too many cases, the world is changing the church. 

What can you do to work for Reformation and pray for Revival in your family, congregation and community? 

World Changers Camp

Join us in Franschhoek, 30 October to 1 November 2014, for the World Changers Camp. We will be learning about Heroes of the Faith, South African History, and Effective Missions. There will be workshops on How to Impact Your World through Film, and How to Use Music and Art to Impact Your World for Christ. On Reformation Day, we will also have a guided tour of the Huguenot Museum and a Reformation Day Celebration service at the Huguenot Monument in Franschhoek. For more details, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , or visit www.ReformationSA.org website. You can also join the event on Reformation 500 Facebook page and share it on social media. For more information, phone: 021-689-4480.

Reformation Day

If you are in the Cape Town area, please join us for our Reformation Day Service at the Huguenot Monument in Franschhoek 12 noon, Friday, 31 October.

“Will You not revive us again that Your people may rejoice in You?” Psalm 85:6 

Reformation and Revival

The www.Reform500.org website and Reformation 500 Facebook page, have more details on the Reformation 500 FIRE (Fellowship for International Reformation and Evangelism) movement and great resources to empower your ministry. Many of our key Reformation books are being made available as E-books, numerous sermons have been loaded on SermonAudio.com, and over 80 of our PowerPoint presentations have been added to Slideshare. You can also download our tracts from www.livingstonefellowship.co.za. 

May God find us faithful to His Word and effective in fulfilling the Great Commission, as we work for Biblical Reformation and pray for Spiritual Revival.

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Reformation Resources are available from Christian Liberty Books,  www.christianlibertybooks.co.za:
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