KwaSizabantu Mission is the most extraordinary and successful mission station on the continent of Africa. KwaSizabantu originated 40 years ago when God graciously sent Revival among the Zulus.

It is almost 40 years since the beginning of the Revival in Zululand. The rivers of Living Water are still flowing. The Word of God from which this Revival was born continues to spread and is going forth in power, locally and internationally. The little Zulu congregation in Mapamulo has become a large Mission with headquarters at KwaSizabantu (meaning the place where people find hope), not far from Mapunuao.

The Mission, though it has buildings to house about 4,500, constantly has the problem of too little accommodation - because of the constant flood of people seeking the Lord. Hundreds, often thousands, gather for daily services. Often people come from other countries and continents. One visiting minister remarked that it was like the first Pentecost. He went around and counted the different nationalities and arrived at 14 languages at a single service.

The auditorium at KwaSizabantu can seat 10,000. Aside from regular Sunday services, this massive structure is also used for special conferences. KwaSizabantu now has about 130 out- stations and mission bases and schools in Switzerland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Romania and many other parts of the world.

Rev. Erlo Stegen is assisted by a team of over 120 co-workers and many volunteers. Teams are constantly being invited to preach at schools, youth groups and congregations throughout Zululand, South Africa, and across the border.

The school at KwaSizabantu Mission, Domino Servite has often had the distinction of producing some of the top students in the country with the highest distinctions.

The Ceder College of Education provides a 4-year teacher training degree accredited by the Potchefstroom University of Higher Christian Education.

Thabitha Adult School is a centre for training illiterate adults to read and write.

The Mission also uses its 340 hectares of land for intensive farming, a Green House Project, producing vegetables of the highest quality, Kiwi vineyards, produce fruit for local and international markets, a jam factory, turns out thousands of homemade jams and pickles. A bakery produces about 400 loaves a day. A dairy and yoghurt production plant sells to shops, hospitals and airline companies. A water factory produces bottled water and juice for the South African and international market.

KwaSizabantu is a faith mission, which on principle does not solicit funds or gave any appeals for donations. It is a hive of productivity and a testimony to the Christian work ethic.

It has thrived in spite of times of great opposition and slanderous campaigns against it. As Rev. Stegen says: “Wherever God is at work, the devil is also there to do his dirty counter work. I am of the opinion that the depth of God’s work can be measured by the amount of opposition encountered.”

To the skeptics, we challenge with the words of Philip to Nathaniel: “Come and see!”

Dr. Peter Hammond 

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