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In the Book of Amos, it is notable that Moab is condemned for burning the bones of the king of Edom. This failure to respect the remains of the dead will cause the Lord to "send a fire upon Moab and it shall devour the palaces…" (2:2).




Cremation of the dead was common practice amongst the ancient Greeks, Romans and Vikings. However, once these nations were converted to Christ they ceased to cremate their dead and began the practise of Christian burial.




The Patriarchs in Genesis all practised burial (Genesis 47:29-30).




Abraham purchased a cave in which to bury his beloved wife Sarah.




Joseph gave specific instructions that his bones were to be brought back to be buried in Israel (Genesis 50:25-26).




In the Exodus the children of Israel remembered to take the bones of Joseph back to bury them respectfully in the land of his birth (Exodus 13:19).




Our Lord's followers buried Him in the tomb following His crucifixion.




Burial is a distinctly Christian practice which proclaims the Christian conviction of the resurrection of the body from the dead.




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Dr. Peter Hammond