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Almost 600 military leaders from 100 countries worldwide attended the Global Conference in Cape Town. These events are only held every 10 years and this is the first time AMCF is gathered for their International convention in Africa. I participated in the AMCF 20 years ago in Virginia, USA. This has been the shortest distance I ever had to travel for any conference! 


Joshua Generation

Archbishop Henry Orombi of Uganda was the main conference speaker of the Global Interaction 2014, presenting Leadership Lessons from Joshua. The essence of the AMCF Global Interaction's Vision and Mission is that the nations of the world may be spiritually transformed and lives and societies changed through the ministry of military Christians. 


Shields and Stewards

Soldiers are called to be the shield of their nation and also to stewardship, to protect freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of speech, the right to life and the sanctity of marriage.


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Seminars dealt with witnessing in hostile environments, marriage as the Lord intended, healing the invisible wounds of war, persecution, purity and holiness, healing th1399367 889486377748407 7937628393025151277 oe land, and going deeper with God's Word.


Loving One's Enemies

Some of the largest contingents at the AMCF Global Interaction were from South Korea and Brazil. Some historic enemies have been seen fellowshipping together and having pictures taken with one another, including Russians and Ukrainians, Republic of China and Red China, India and Pakistan.


Fellowship Across the Lines

It was an extraordinary experience to enjoy fellowship, worship and ministry together with such a wide variety of nationalities, language groups and military backgrounds. Soldiers, seamen, airmen, marines, police, officers, NCO's, chaplains, medics, technicians, infantry, paratroopers, such a wide variety of skills, backgrounds and cultures, all with unity in Christ.


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The small groups, regional focusses, seminars, meal times and tea times were vibrant with energetic discussions and exchange of contact details. Heart rendering testimonies were shared of God's grace in some of the most heart-breaking and broken situations.


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Frontline Fellowship supplied hundreds of Bibles, New Testaments, Gospel booklets, Audio Visual materials, Digital Libraries and other resources, to empower Chaplains and Christian soldiers to Evangelise and Disciple their units effectively.


For more information on the AMCF Conference, visit Pictures can be viewed on Frontline Fellowship Facebook page.


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