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10917046 720296664752927 2420951000888786750 nChristian schools, colleges, homes and churches have been targeted for looting and destruction in Niger. World Watch Monitor reports that more than 70 churches have been looted and burned by Muslim mobs in Niger. 

Murder and Mayhem by Muslim Mobs

In Zinder, Muslim rioters went from house to house looting and burning the homes of Christians. The SIM (Society for International Missions) Mission compound in Gourd, the Good Samaritan orphanage run by the Assemblies of God and numerous other Christian schools and colleges were burned. So far the bodies of 5 Christians have been found in burned out churches. 

10933726 720296304752963 3108193142387084315 nMosques Mobilise Mobs

This sudden hair-trigger anti-Christian riot erupted after Friday prayers in the mosques on 16 January, in Niger's second largest city, Zinder. Reportedly whipped up into a frenzy over reports of the satirical depiction of Muhammad on the cover of Charlie Hebdo (the notorious French magazine which has published many blasphemous attacks on God and The Lord Jesus Christ), Muslims in Niger chose to vent their rage on local Christians, who obviously could have had nothing to do with the irreverent and blasphemous cartoons of secular French journalists in Paris! 

Overwhelmed by Muslim MajorityReportedly Christians make up barely 0.33% of the total population in Niger. Muslims make up 97% of the population of Niger. 

A Study in Contrasts

Elizabeth Kendal of the Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin, points out that these riots expose the key difference between Islam and Christianity. From the Bible, Christians understand that human beings are fallen, inherently sinful, routinely arrogant, selfish, insensitive, uncaring, cruel and hurtful to others - until they are set free from their slavery to sin through spiritual transformation. Christians therefore re10930891 720296378086289 7656728922991457130 nspond to the vile and offensive anti-Christian blasphemy in humanist publications, such as Charlie Hebdo, through prayer and witness, working to transform society so that blasphemy will ultimately have no market. 

A Political Agenda

However, by way of contrast, Islam is a material and political religion where the goal is to control people and societies through the enforcement of Islamic Shari'a law. Thus for Islam the answer to blasphemy is Shari'a law: the blasphemer must die! Apparently, those who have nothing to do with the blasphemy must also die for some reason. 

A Clash of Civilisations

The Gospel targets hearts and seeks to renew minds, working to transform individuals and revitalise families, who will then act as Salt and Light to bless and Reform communities. Islam seeks to impose its laws through force and terror. 


Christianity works from the inside out, through freedom. Islam works from the outside in, through force. In this, Islam and Christianity are total opposites. 

10931285 720296021419658 5701091398906033086 nConform

The vicious explosion of anti-Christian violence, looting, murder and mayhem unleased on Friday, 16 January, has now spread to the capital Niamey. Christians in Niger are reporting that their community has been shattered by these ferocious attacks. 

"Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the Word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you, and that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men; for not all have Faith." 2 Thessalonians 3:1-2 

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