Dr. Ted Baehr of Movieguide describes this film as: “absolutely brilliant…!"


Freedom at Risk
When Legislator Curtis Bowers remembered the Agenda that he had heard laid out at a Communist Party USA meeting over 20 years before, and compared it to the drastic changes in America's culture under President Obama, he wrote a letter to the Editor. It became the feature story on the evening news and people protested at the capitol. For weeks the local newspapers were filled with responses. He realised that he had hit on something very big. This led to producing this big-screen documentary which provides a fascinating look behind the scenes at the people and groups that have successfully targeted morality and freedom, with far-reaching consequences.

Ask almost anyone and you’ll hear, “Communism is dead! The Berlin Wall came down.” And though the word communism isn’t used anymore, this film will show that the ideas behind it are alive and well.

Join us for a fascinating look at the people and groups that have successfully targeted education and churches in their efforts to deceive and enslave. It’s not just another conspiracy theory. It is a well-documented agenda.

Agenda was the winner of the Jubilee Grand Prize at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.


Agenda: Grinding America Down is the most powerful exposé of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far. The documentary presents the connections between the different communist, socialist, progressive organizations with great clarity and shows how they have implemented their agenda to dismantle patriotism, morality and spirituality.” Dr Ted Baehr,


Agenda 2: Masters of Deceit
When filmmaker Curtis Bowers hit the road with his film Agenda, people began to wake up. Agenda became one of the best-selling independent documentaries of all time, and grassroots finally had a tool to connect the dots.

As he continued to travel, Bowers found that people were overwhelmed by the seeming myriad of issues they were facing. From the promotion of Islam to the propaganda of climate change, from the deceit of Common Core Curriculum to the manufactured economic crisis, and from the manipulation of the Evangelical Church to the unsustainable debt burden, it seemed as if church and family have a hundred different enemies with a hundred different agendas. But he knew from his research that wasn't the case.

Join Curtis Bowers as he heads out again to expose the Masters of Deceit and their purposeful, premeditated, treasonous attacks on Faith and freedom.

"The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution."


This film features eye-opening interviews with: Dr Peter Hammond, Trevor Loudon, Dr Alan Keyes, Lt Gen Jerry Boykin, Star Parker, G. Edward Griffin, Joe Schimmel, Dr Hormoz Shariat,David McAlvany, Agustin Blazquez, Robin Eubanks, and Brian Sussman.


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