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September 11, 201

     If FDR were still around he'd call 9/11 a "Day of infamy." I remember hearing him say those words on the old gothic-shaped Philco radio in our living room concerning the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor - December 7, 1941. He'd say the same about 9/11. Both were cowardly, unexpected sneak attacks on America and resulted in war. The difference: in 1941 the USA was truly 'united' and had one goal - Victory. And we won!


Today we are divided along multiple lines: ethnic, racial, economic, religious, political, etc. This division has largely occurred over the past 7 years. Perhaps this is what the PR had in mind when he determined to "fundamentally change the USA."


This morning Harriett and I watched again the reading of names at Ground Zero of those killed on 9/11/2001. We must never forget the ugly events of that day or allow the revisionists to change the meaning or transfer the blame. The PR was conspicuous by his absence for the memorial at the Pentagon; unacceptable for the Commander in Chief.


This week our missionary daughter Lenora Hammond began a 5-week, (Monday to Friday), course of 25 focused radiation treatments in the ongoing battle against the reoccurrence of her breast cancer. She's also continuing with alternative natural supplements. Please pray for the Great Physician's healing hand on her behalf. 


With our Mission bursting at the seams, we are beginning building extensions. Please continue to pray with us for the resources needed to continue and develop Frontline to be even more effective in providing practical, hands-on, in-service training for Missionaries, equipping them with the Biblical literature and audio-visual resources needed to reclaim Africa for Christ. Your prayers are a vital part of our ministry and result in "...fruit that abounds to your account." Philippians 4:17 


Yours in His grip,



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