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July 17, 2015


     America was shocked yesterday (July 16) with the tragic news that four United States Marines were shot and killed by a hate-crazed, radical, Islamic terrorist here in America, in peaceful Chattanooga, virtually within sight of where I grew up.

     In the past 19 years, since our service men have been forbidden to carry loaded weapons while on duty here in the USA, there have been 21 shooting at military installations. Our brave, but unarmed, men and women in uniform are 'targets of convenience' for these cowardly, radicalized dirt-bags. (Please, spare me your letters of concern over my lack of political correctness.)

     And where is the outrage from the Present Resident (PR), the Commander-in-Chief, who boasts of the power of his pen and his phone? With the stroke of his pen he could sign an Executive Order, requiring our service personnel to be 'armed' and able to defend themselves while on duty and on base. He could phone the Pentagon and institute the order immediately. Why the delay? Why can't he call a terrorist a terrorist?

     By contrast, the tragic massacre of 9 black Christians in Charleston, SC last month, by a deranged white bigot, evoked an immediate response from the PR, "White racism is America's greatest problem," - (no, it's not. One of our greatest problems is unchecked Islamic immigration). Then, when a picture emerged of him sitting in his room at home, with a Confederate flag on the wall behind him, the flag was immediately condemned as a symbol of 'hate' - also not true!

     The Chattanooga attack fits a pattern. Muslims in America are a protected group, secure from any criticism in their self-imposed ghettos where they can observe sharia law and disregard any and all laws of the United States. We tolerate such lawlessness at our peril. How long before we wake up America? Islam declared war on the USA in 1979, when Iranian youth invaded the US Embassy in Tehran and kept our Embassy personnel, including our Ambassador, captive for 444 days - until Ronald Reagan's inauguration.

     This week, against the background of shouts, "Death to America," the PR signed an agreement with his fellow Muslims that will enable Iran to have a nuclear weapon soon plus a delivery system in place to make their shouts a viable reality. 

     Please Lord, restore our common sense and keep America safe.

Yours in His grip,



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