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May 21, 2015


     We have a fantastic opportunity to meet an overwhelming challenge. In Matthew 9, Jesus is busy going throughout all the cities and villages, healing the sick, opening blind eyes and raising the dead. He met opposition from the Pharisees and dealt with doubt from His friends, but "When He saw the multitudes, He was moved with compassion." [Matt. 9:36] He said to His disciples, "The harvest truly is plentiful," - a fantastic opportunity, "but the laborers are few" - an overwhelming challenge. 

     Jesus saw them as 'sheep without a shepherd' - lost without a leader. For 20+ years Dr. Peter Hammond has conducted Great Commission Courses (GCC), at the beginning of each year to train leaders. In south Sudan during the 1990s when Christians were in a war for survival against the onslaught of Muslims from the north, he trained over 70 Chaplains. Praying to God with the troops before each battle turned the tide of war, and with peace came a new independent country - South Sudan.

     In recent years, Peter has expanded the outreach of GCC and taken FRONTLINE teams right across South Africa, presenting the GCC in Bible Collages, Christian Universities and Schools. The hunger for such teaching and practical survival training has grown. 

     There's an urgent need for a special training area - a farm - near Cape Town that could provide multiple 3-week training programs year-round. Putting feet to their prayers the team has been looking for a suitable property for over a year. 

     We have now found a remarkable farm, which can meet most of our needs. With the increasing demands for our camps and courses, this farm would be an ideal site for Wilderness Bush Camps, Leadership Training Courses, Youth Camps, School and Church Camps, Missionary Training programs, Biblical Worldview Seminars, Summits, GCC plus 'Security and Survival Training' programs. The farm is securely located in a remote and mountainous region. 15 of our Missionaries and staff have explored the well-watered area and all agree that this is the most suitable place that we have yet found to establish Livingstone Farm. Our Board has thoroughly discussed and adopted the project.

     In order to expand the Missions capabilities and impact, we are convinced that acquiring and developing this Mission farm will enable us to develop the most effective, hands-on, practical training facilities for the Missionaries needed to reclaim Africa for Christ. The needs are urgent, the opportunities unprecedented, but the laborers are few. 

     We are now trusting the Lord for the finances needed in order to go forward with this strategic project. We thought you'd want to know, because --

     "Where there is no vision, the people perish." Proverbs 29:18 KJV


Family update: 

Lenora completed her second round of high-potency chemo, with very unpleasant results. Excerpts from her letter last week: 

     "I am just awaking from what seems like a huge Fog this week. My second Chemo infusion was Monday...and just typing this, makes me feel really nauseous.  So while the side effects of Monday's Chemo seemed to hit me later in the week, it also hit me harder. 

     During devotions this morning, I was reading some of Elisabeth Elliot's thoughts on bitterness and was reminded again of the sovereign plan God has for each of us. 

     My battle is not with the fact that I have Cancer. It would seem that in my adulthood, my difficulties all seem to center around illness - Christopher's or mine. I accept that this is my path, and try to come out stronger on the other end. My battle is the thought of undergoing Round Three. I collapse into floods of tears at the mere mention of it. I just honestly don't think I can face this again.

     Nausea is such a deeply depressing and terribly engulfing thing. You [are] completely consumed with trying to solve the nausea and wish you could just curl up and die. I am sorry to be sounding so dramatic right now, but I would like to hereby covet your prayers for a decision I must make: foregoing round three. What I would like to hear from my Doctor is the statistical difference missing # 3 will really make.

     Please pray with me, that I will not make an emotional, feelings-based decision, or that I would not 'sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate,' but that I would make a rational, facts-based decision. Right now, I cannot face it again. I really want to make the right decision. Please help me."

     The very day we received Lenora's letter we also had word from a totally unexpected source, a Doctor and his wife (John an Joyce) in northern Virginia. He is a physician, and practices a discipline known as Functional Medicine. They have offered to arrange "...for someone in South Africa to get alternative [natural] supplements to your daughter and we would cover the cost." 

     We are overwhelmed with gratitude to the Lord for this 21st Century example of God's promise: "...before they call, I will answer; and while they are still speaking, I will hear." 

Isaiah 65:24

     Harriett and I are deeply grateful for your prayers, and happily remain...


Yours in His grip,

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