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Jesus Christ is an equal opportunity Savior, because He is no respecter of persons. Salvation is not for just one nationality or class or political party. His invitation is open to all: "Whosoever will may come." There are only two kinds of people in the world: "missionaries" and "mission fields."  As missionaries, we are deck stewards on a sinking ship pointing people to Christ. That's the purpose of Missions. We are grateful for your prayers as together with you we seek to rescue the perishing.


Dr. Peter Hammond and a hand-picked Frontline team returned to Cape Town after a very fruitful 4-week South Africa Mission trip presenting a week of lectures at Back to the Bible Training College, speaking at the Ministers Conference at KwaSizabantu Mission, conducting a Biblical Worldview Seminar at the William Carey School of Missions in Durban and ministering in 23 churches and Mission bases across 6 provinces in the country.      While Brendon was out of action, Daniela Hammond stepped in to graphic design the latest Frontline Fellowship News. The new design reflects her unique style. She completed her training in Art and Design at College last year and is now juggling a full-time and two part-time jobs.          ______________       

Lenora's 1st of 12 infusions

 Today: Peter was with Lenora at the hospital this morning as she began a series of 12 chemotherapy infusions starting at noon. He wrote: "First she had an echocardiogram at 10AM, just to make sure her heart is healthy! The first 3 infusions will be the 'red devil' (these will be the hardest on her body). We finally left the hospital after 5pm." 

     We are comforted by the assurance of your prayers.  

Yours in His grip,

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