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March 16, 2015

 This is the final week of the Frontline Team's 4-week ministry and teaching trek, visiting Churches and Christian Schools across eastern South Africa. They've had some great meetings thus far and Dr. Peter Hammond will give a full report on their return to our Cape Town base.


Today they were in Rivermead Christian Academy in Kokstad.

Tomorrow, March 17:  Advance for Life Christian School in East London.

Wednesday March 18:  Alexandria Christian Academy, in Alexandria.

Thursday March 19:  Plettenberg Bay Christian School, in Plettenberg Bay, then on to Cape Town in the evening.


Please pray for these meetings - and for Lenora Hammond's surgery tomorrow (Tuesday). We talked with her on the phone at 07:10 this morning (it was 4:10 PM in Cape Town). She was busy in her kitchen baking two cakes for Calvin's 16th Birthday tomorrow! She is totally trusting the Lord Jesus for His solution to her cancer problem. She is very pleased with the medical / surgical program and facilities in Cape Town. The surgeon is the same doctor who preformed the bilateral mastectomy 5 years ago. That's a plus! 

     JoAnne, Lenora's friend of many years, will take her to the hospital tomorrow and stay with her till late evening when she is expected to come home. We were surprised that it is considered 'out patient' surgery, and she won't need to stay over night. Of course there is always that option, if necessary. 


Cape Town, South Africa is 9 hours ahead of Phoenix, (6 hours ahead of Florida) so I've put the Phoenix time in parenthesis after the SA time. Here's her surgery scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday March 17: 10 AM (01:00 PHX): liver scan to ascertain any spread of malignancy from earlier breast cancer. Exploratory surgery of enlarged underarm lymph nodes: 2 PM (05:00 PHX). Your intercession is invaluable and deeply appreciated.


Yours in His grip,

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