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We praise God for the safe return of our Frontline Mission field team John and Joseph to our Cape Town HQ.
Their outreach was to Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. Our new publications by Dr. Peter Hammond, especially designed for the field, including:

Biblical Preaching Handbook, Biblical Faith and Modern Counterfeits, The Greatest Century of Missions and Old Testament Survey were distributed to Pastors and leaders.
The team conducted church services, seminars, lectures at Bible colleges and school meetings. They travelled a total of 5,375 miles, passed through over 108 police roadblocks (in Zimbabwe and Zambia alone), without any team illness or vehicle breakdowns!

Last week, our Mission faced an unprecedented IT crisis. 10 of our 17 websites were maliciously hacked, our Internet went down, the network collapsed and telephone lines were cut - all on the same day. Our IT Manager, Reinhard, was busy completing his Masters' Degree, only 20 year old Christopher was in the Comms office to handle the crisis. He worked solidly for 18 hours (no lunch or supper breaks), on problems including repairing computer hardware until our websites were back on line. The simultaneous hacking of these websites must have been done by some very determined and skilled assailants since Frontline Fellowship has a much higher than average security system. By God's grace, everything is back up, stronger and more secure than ever.

Last weekend our daughter Lenora Hammond returned safely to Cape Town, following a 21-day visit to Phoenix. It was a great time of fellowship, including 4-hour breakfasts! She skillfully divided her time between parents in the East Valley and her daughter Andrea's family (hubby Hunter and 7-month old grandson Jeremy) in the West Valley (an hour's drive one-way). Praise God for all His blessings.

This morning, our 23-year old grandson Daniel Lemke phoned us from Salem, Oregon where he had opportunity to share with prayer groups hosted by our friends Dale and Jean Johnson. He's passed the 10,000-mile mark now on his epic bicycle trip across America raising awareness of and opposition to the sex-slave traffic in the USA. Please pray for him. Pray too for his brother, Jesaja who leaves next week for summer ministry with the Navigators in Germany. These guys are millennials making a difference!

Yours in His grip

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