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Last week Dr. Hammond left Cape Town with a team of missionaries and Interns on a one month, seven-Province, South Africa Mission tour. They have just completed a productive five days of ministry at KwaSizabantu Mission in KwaZulu Natal. This trip includes teaching a Church and Missions History in Africa Course at Back to the Bible Training College in Mpumalanga [mo-poo-ma-laan-gah], with 105 students from 20 different countries in Africa. Please pray for their presentations, seminars and literature distribution at schools, Bible Colleges and Missions over the next three weeks.

Pray for safety on the roads. They'll be travelling through some dangerous areas, where large animals frequently wander onto National roads. Elephants have the 'right-of-way'!

While the team is away, Lenora is holding the fort on the home front. She is recovering from her second bout with breast cancer and following her doctor's orders for regular physical exercise. This week she joined with Calvin, her 17-year old athletic son, in the 5-mile Don Lock Memorial race, an early morning competition. She said, "Calvin finished in 28' & 50"; it took 1 hour & 3 minutes for this very slow Mommy - but it's a great way to start your day!"

Harriett and I talked by cellphone with our grandson Daniel this afternoon. He's in Bozeman, Montana having passed the 11,300-mile mark on his round-America bicycle trip, raising awareness to the sex-slave trafficking of teenage girls and boys in the USA. He's on the home stretch now, due back in Colorado by July 2. Thanks for praying.

Other stuff: my new book, Going On...With a Nod from God. The US publisher has rejected it saying, "It's too graphic." That's newspeak for 'not politically correct' because I called 'terrorists' "terrorists," and described their acts of terror. Right now, I'm in the negotiating process with a new publisher. Health wise I'm in the midst of tests to see if the enlargement of my prostate is benign or malignant. Grateful for your prayers!

Yours in His grip.

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